Friday, July 27, 2012

Why Willard Mitt Romney is dangerous to America... Mitt Romney likes to keep his real self a mystery. His whole past is one vast edit. What amazes me is that people cannot see through this poser. Children can, but adults are programmed to believe the dogma that they are fed. Fox News, Media Max, that idiot Breitbart blog that lives on like a disembodied yet empty head, Lush Rimjob and other Nazi tinged blather has anesthetized Americans into actually considering this walking faux pas as a viable, vetted candidate. CON-didate, maybe...candidate, no. Let's go over an albeit abbreviated list, shall we? * The man is a coward who skipped out on going to Viet Nam 4 times with Daddy's help, all the while promoting the war; * Dressed up as a state trooper to torment people; * Beat up a fellow student because of a haircut; * Put his dog on the roof and has gone through MANY other dogs like laundry; * Lies so much his magic underwear must be lined with asbestos to prevent him from igniting; * Smirks when he talks; * Can't carry a tune across a street; * Thinks poor people and working class people are second class or subhuman; * Doesn't know what a doughnut is; * Has a personality so bereft of life, the dead Jim Backus as Thurston Howell has a lot more life and kindness; * Pronounces the word cookie wrong and can't tell homemade from 7-11; * Can't answer a question directly; * Arrogantly refuses to release tax returns, which indicates he has revenue streams that may be illicit, if not illegal; * Owns companies that are involved in killing jobs AND babies; * Takes the president's words out of context ALL the time and uses it to fuel his bought position in his party; * Flip flops on just about anything and everything; * Has no original thought or ideas; * Has to have a staff just to tell him what planet we're on; * Body language is stiff and disingenuous; * I could go on for paragraphs...but you get the picture. The only reason he's even neck and neck in the polls is because America is polarized and the racist, ignorant elements fueling Rmoney's campaign, like the Koch Bros. for instance, among other billionaires, is solely because they hate Obama more than they hate Rmoney. In conclusion, Myth Rmoney is a phony, a bully, and a liar. Not even fit to run a free lunch. Vote (if you have the right ID, that is) for this poser at your own risk. I would not, even if I were thrice lobotomized and had drank several bottles of true Agave derived Tequila. If you disagree, well, I am sorry for you. To each his or her own hell. :OD