Thursday, August 15, 2019

How to Cure the Trump Cancer

Cancer is my way of describing the #MendaciousMiscreant. I have special experience in that regard as I have Stage 3 breast cancer. 

Trump indeed is a cancer, a disease that can only be eradicated by educating the masses through hearings (impeachment inquiry) and by people standing up to this insane, lumbering knuckle-dragging dotard. 

Print media has at least tried to expose his fraudulent, incessant self-serving antics but the cable news arena has only recently been calling out his bullshit and not enough of it. Dumbald Douchebag commits so many crimes no one can keep up with it without a Cray Supercomputer. 

It's amazing that after 12,000 lies that 40% of the public still supports the shitbag. In any other country, he would have been hanged or shot by now. America has become an uneducated mass of sleepy couch surfers who only seem motivated when their own families are affected, either economically or know, like being shot by some trump supporting white supremacist. The irony is that white supremacy is an oxymoron. I find little intellectual growth among those that perpetuate that myth. If anything, those folks show a propensity for devolution rather than evolution (which, hilariously is a dirty word to them). 

Trump can be defeated, but it will require a massive turnout of people willing to not only participate in civics including not just registering people to vote and voting, but protecting and defending the actual vote (IF we're not in a state of Martial Law by then). Trump is insane, but we can't depend on his corrupt cabinet to remove him by 25th Amendment. 

Sane people will have to, if they respect the rule of law, rely on Congress and the various investigations into trump's innumerable high crimes and misdemeanors. Funny they say high crimes as I personally believe trump is a coke fiend. Does a lot of sniffing during certain debates and pressers when under pressure. Some people claim he's snorting Adderall with some Bath Salts, which isn't hard to believe, but I think he's just doing the old coke thing...and I don't mean diet coke soda.

Aside from trump, we have to cure the cancer that has metastasized since trump stole the presidency from Hillary Clinton, who, thanks to a trainwreck obsessed press, became an unintentionally problematic candidate once she announced a run for president.  We as a country have to find a way to unite again. Last time, it was 9/11/01 that united the country. Do we really have to have a national disaster to see eye to eye again? I personally think if we make some changes to how we get our facts and our news, things may improve. Education is the best tool for destroying ignorance, which has plagued this country for decades now, fueled by race hatred (especially during Obama's presidency) and the American obsession for blaming everyone but themselves for their problems. We collectively need to take a hard look in the mirror. As Walt Kelly famously said a half century ago, "We have met the enemy and he is US." 

If you must have a villain, it isn't brown people or the poor. It's the rich oligarchs like the Koch Bros. who ironically hate the oligarch in, trump. His version of fascism doesn't gel with theirs. The #MendaciousMiscreant, as I call him, envisions himself as a quasi Godfather dictator. Hitler without the 'stache, but with a lot of fat. His confederate, #MoscowMitch McConnell is happy just destroying our democracy and installing as many fascist judges while killing any legislation from Democrats. Trump, on the other hand, wants to rule by decree, exterminate everyone who he doesn;t like (which includes the poor, people of color and anyone who disagrees with him) and continue to use America as his bank account while living a lazy, fraudulent, faux opulent lifestyle. He's basically a pig in an ill fitting suit and ridiculously long necktie.

I digress....when trump is finally removed, either through some semblance of justice or by an election he will claim is rigged, we have to examine how to eradicate the hate and white supremacy bullshit he's grown around this country. If we don't, we're basically letting terrorists run the show. We must work to stop massacres like El Paso Shooting at the beginning of August, 2019 in their tracks. 

Some steps we can take IF we take both the House and Senate and White House as Democrats: 

1. Ban all assault type weapons. We did it before...we can do it again. 
2  Pack the courts with sane, fair judges.
3. Change the laws regarding how long judges can serve.
4. Gradually restructure public education and ban fake news sources like Fox News, Newsmax et al.
5. Merit based pay system for Congress. You must legislate in order to get paid.
6. Common sense national gun safety laws, assuring gun owners that no one is going to take their guns, except if they own an assault weapon...they will need to turn it in for money or get insurance.
7. Take steps to nationalize the ownership of prescription drug companies and gradually restructure the healthcare system. 
8. Retain Obamacare and provide Medicare for All for those who want it. Make the insurance companies compete for customers.
9. Legalize Marijuana nationally to offset the opioid crisis and gradually federalize a $21 minimum wage, If you look at inflation and compare, that's what the minimum wage should be.

These are just some of what we can do to coax Americans to unite as a people.

Be cool be nobody's fool and don't diss the bliss.

James a.k.a. DJ Quantum Mechanic

Saturday, August 10, 2019



Even before 2011 with his twisted accusation that Obama was born outside America, trump (I almost never capitalize his name) has expounded his racism on the world stage...famously taking out an ad in the NY Times claiming the Central Park Five should be executed despite their proven innocence, fanning the flames of white supremacy and hate as a means to get himself into the White House where he could get away with his crimes. He may not be book smart, but he's shrewd when it comes to crime, which is a common theme in his fraudulent life for decades. It's likely he 'inherited' his disdain for people of color from his father, who was famously a member of the KKK. Both he and his father, owning apartments and condos in Manhattan, ran into trouble with the Nixon administration, ironically enough, for their racist practices against renting to people of color. You have to be really racist to tangle with the Nixon administration. Like Nixon, trump had no love for Jews except to use them (like his business manager) to further his own financial goals, famously saying they were good with money.

It's not just his words that have caused actual deaths in this country (as well as fueling race hated abroad with his fans overseas), his actions against Hispanics and others of color, where Cruelty Is Policy (hashtag that) is the main theme of his administration. The "dotard" as North Korean dictator Kim Jong Un famously called him, is an existential threat to people of color and has proven to be actually detrimental against his own base of supporters (white low and middle class folks often with unfounded grievances against people of color) with his inane tariffs against China, where ironically, all his goods in his various businesses (all failing, I might add) are made and imported here. China has ceased buying agricultural goods from American farmers (such as Soybeans). Trump has stolen from the Farming Disaster Fund to pay large, trump supporting corporate farmers as a kind of bribe to keep them on his side. He robs from Peter to pay Paul...and well, when you rob from Peter to pay Paul, you end up with a sore Peter. Seriously, though, his whole life has been a fraud and an endless series of lies. Like a brusque carnival barker, he's fooled 40% of the population.

In a normal election period, you can't win with just 40% of the vote, unless you suppress the remaining 60% of the population, especially when nearly half that 60% stay away from the polls for whatever reason. Trump has succeeded in two things; convincing his base that he's doing something about jobs, hanging on tightly to Obama's coattails and destroying Obama's legacy. This explains the loyalty of his base, despite that they are not earning more for the few jobs that remain, none of which are new Coal jobs (Coal is a dying industry and it was that way long before he was "elected" with Putin's help).  Expect the 2020 election, if we aren't in a state of Martial Law, to be rife with Russian interference, not to mention Saudi and North Koreans in the mix, hacking the hell or financing the tampering with election machines and data. Mitch McConnell, whose wife has illicit ties with China, is complicit as trump's un-American confederate (yes, I just had to use that word). He's killed any hopes of election protection as all Democratic House bills have famously died on his desk. He's brought nothing to the floor, which suits both his and trump's goals of one party rule.

Trump's cruelty and depravity seem to be what his supporters like. Americans have an obsession with the Mob...and many trump fans think of him as some kind of quasi-Godfather figure...punching their enemies like a goon or "Good Fella" or Goomba, if you will, and running the government into the ground like a Mafia boss.  This is insane, but our country has lost its humanity, so it's no surprise to me.

Aside from his racist, dog whistle amplified to bullhorn rhetoric, trump's actions against people of color are deliberate and reminds us of what Hitler did to Germany and surrounding nations he conquered--wiping out in excess of 11 million Jews and non-white, non-Christians. If trump could get away with it on a mass scale (already people are dying), he'd slaughter people. He's that evil and depraved. People who can't see the parallels or even remotely examine his behavior and not see how twisted he is are sadly anesthetized.  People tend to look away when they're doing fairly well in their pocketbook. Money talks and bullshit walks.

His riding of Obama's economy can't last forever. We've already seen a downturn in world manufacturing, which will catch up to America and a recession is inevitable. What we need to happen is that the recession occur before summer of 2020. Considering the ridiculous trade wars and our allies suffering in the UK (Brexit will decimate Great Britain), it's almost a certainty that a world economic collapse is going to happen. Climate change is already affecting the world food supply and causing turmoil in the Middle East. War with Iran in some form seems also inevitable, since trump's evangelical (I call them EVILgelicals) want that war as they believe in the outlandish theory based on their religion, that an Apocalypse must happen so that Israel will convert to Christianity. That's going to happen on the day Jennifer Lawrence proposes to me.

I know some in Congress, including a Speaker who shall remain nameless, think impeachment is not viable, but it's not really about's about CONVINCING the American public that trump is indeed a serial criminal using the presidency he stole with Putin's help to hide behind and profit from. We're paying for all of his golf excursions (even though he cheats at the game!) and his "acting" like a president. Not for nothing, but he doesn't even deserve any awards for pretending to be a president. He can't even get the simplest things a president is supposed to do. As Rex Tillerson famously said, trump is "a f**king moron." Trouble is, trump is a moron but who is at least criminally skilled in using other people's money to convince Americans he is a "tough" leader who alone can fix things. The reality is that he's a one man(?) wrecking ball. He's destroyed more than created and what he's created is a disaster, especially for poor and working class; not to mention the horrors he's brought to people of color, especially Hispanics.

SHORT VERSION: Impeach to expose him, leaving it up to the republican controlled Senate to own their failure to convict, all the while putting out the hearings to the media, which loves a trainwreck, which in turn will destroy his chances of re-election UNLESS he cheats with Russian and other foreign help.  TRUMP MUST GO and the only recourse decent taxpayers of getting rid of the schmuck is through the hearings and the constant media barrage. It's likely his other crimes, including the odd connection to the late Jeffrey Epstein, will also surface between now and Nov. 2020.  I am hopeful, but also very cynical considering how asleep our country is right now. They are numb to cruelty and that's not a good sign our nation will survive much longer.

Be cool, be nobody's fool, and don't dismiss the bliss.

Quantum Mechanic (@JamesEFinch)