Friday, May 27, 2016

Obama's Historic Visit To Hiroshima & Future of Humanity

Watching our president give a stirring, powerful speech at Hiroshima about nuclear war and how it must never occur. 

Over 100,000 died August 6, 1945 in a flash when President Truman authorized the dropping of an arguably weak nuclear weapon in comparison with the hydrogen warheads mankind commands now. We cannot allow the use of nuclear weapons every again. 

It is absolutely imperative we do not allow someone like Trump any access to the Nuclear Football (Launch codes & controlling device). Please vote accordingly this November, unless you're okay with Armageddon. 

Keep in mind, there will be NO survivors in World War III. 

The atomic weapon used in Hiroshima was 15,000 tons of TNT. Just 1 of our subs could basically remove a country he size of Japan off the map at a minimum yield of 1,000,000 tons of TNT (1 megaton). 

This is a deterrent that must never be used. The death toll is unimaginable. Humanity has the power to destroy itself many times over. Imagine how species more advanced than humanity must be thinking of how "ready" the species is to join the rest of "the neighborhood." Humanity is young & barely intelligent, but all of us need to work together to preserve and honor the life we share.


Be cool, be nobody's fool; and Don't Dismiss the Bliss.

Quantum Mechanic®

Friday, May 20, 2016

Absolute Truth In One Paragraph

Deities are a construct of the mind trying to compartmentalize The Grid. Check out "What The Bleep Do We Know." Book or film. Separation is an illusion. We are all one, as much as we don't want or even like to admit it. God is not up there, out there, over there. God is within everyone. God is not a person. God is The Grid. Source. Universal Soul. Ocean of Love. Call it what you may, but it has more meaning being The Nameless. Giving it a model or a form is like trying to put the Sun on the head of a pin. That's never going to work out. Quiet the mind, feel the power within.

Be Cool, Be Nobody's Fool & Don't Dismiss The Bliss.

Quantum Mechanic®