Sunday, September 24, 2017

Religion? Schmeligion.

Religion is a control device used by despots to control the population and keep them docile and from critical thinking. There are no deities, just The Great Mystery which has no name but is the Collective Sentience of the Universe. 

Best analogy is Infinite Universal Love. 

Humans tend to want to model that which they do not understand, which is why they choose a personage, whether it is a great avatar or teacher like Jesus Christ or Buddha or Mohamed or whoever to give them a point of reference that best fits how they were trained as a child to worship or pay homage to. 

That said, there is validity to prayer, which is basically one-pointedness or meditation. Intention is a powerful tool. If you intend to have happiness for example, you decide to be happy. Same goes for anything you want in life. It's okay for people to enjoy their various beliefs, but keep in mind beliefs are limiting and the irony in belief is limiting something that is limitless by giving it a name or a model. 

Modeling something limitless is akin to putting The Sun on the head of a pin. The Sun is 864,575.9 miles wide (Diameter). Lots and lots bigger than a pin, thus impossible to achieve.

Think about it...what "deity" would let all the horrors humans have committed and are still committing against themselves and be okay with it? What "deity" described by believers as love incarnate would pursue the destruction of any humans? 

Love is a creative force and in fact, the 5th force from which all universal forces are derived. The 5th Element if you will, among fire, water, earth and air. 

Love is the collective consciousness of the Universe and the closest analogy to what humans call "God." It is endless, boundless, limitless. It is Divine Creative Vibration. 

Tapping into it is like tapping into an energy grid. It's not rocket science to do's just asking for help, but without the trappings of who to pray to. 

In the world now, praying has turned to preying. I prefer going past the middle man.

Be cool, be nobody's fool and don't dismiss the bliss. 

Friday, February 17, 2017

What I Know If I Could Only Describe It In 1 Paragraph

Here's what I know in a paragraph if I had to talk to a more evolved species:

"The universe is 4% matter/energy (which are 1 & the same), 96% dark matter/energy; there are 4 known forces: Gravitation, electromagnetic, strong nuclear & weak nuclear & that all matter/energy & all forces are derived from The Light a.k.a. Source; what most would regard as Universal Consciousness and/or Soul of which we are all a part yet at "onement" [atonement], which is the 5th Force, the Ultimate Divine Creative Vibration, which is Love. Some people assign a model to Love & make it a deity or God in order to try to understand it. I choose to tap into it rather than fathom the unfathomable.

 "Love is all, love is just, just love and manifest The Light unto all."