Sunday, January 25, 2015

Love, the Fifth Force.

Had a meeting with my Peace Of Mind group today. It was suggested that my theory of Love being the 5th Force, something quantifiable, is actually the Central Force from which all the other 4 (Strong Force, Weak Force, Electromagnetism, Gravity) and the elements (matter & energy which are one and the same) themselves are derived.

All things are energy, energy being Divine Creative Vibration, Divine Creative Vibration being God or Universal Soul or the Ocean Of Tenderness or Love Incarnate. Love incarnate, as posited by the writer of the movie Interstellar, cannot be bound by limits, even vast distances or time itself. 

Love is eternal, boundless, endless, all powerful, the Everything

When we love, we not only manifest God or Universal Soul, we give divine creative force to the receiver of that love and therefore draw it's infinite power to ourselves. 

Selflessness thus redeems and energizes Self. 

Our goal in the physical perhaps is to be as selfless as we can to therefore attract power to our soul from Source (which some interpret as God or love incarnate). 

 Just some food for thought.

Be cool, be nobody's fool; and don't dismiss the bliss.


Monday, January 19, 2015

Stop Sniping At #AmericanSniper

Never thought I'd see Americans even more divided over a movie. American Sniper was not a political film, it was about a human being who wanted to fight for his country after 9/11, used his skill as a marksman to protect his fellow soldiers against a deadly enemy. Chris Kyle, however you feel about him, and despite that butthurt former SEAL (who I won't bother naming since it's already all over the internet) suing him over some dubious "defamation," was still a hero, who, after 4 tours, came home to help other veterans and gave his life, again helping fellow soldiers. Case fucking closed.