Saturday, March 21, 2015

Why I Support President Obama 100%

Funny how certain factions in the most useless, cringe-worthy legislative body on this planet accuse our president of either being a tyrant or an ineffectual leader.

Which is it? 

If he was a tyrant, he'd have their heads on pikes lining the boulevard up to the White House with little signs under each saying, "this is what happens when you mess with The Boss."  I know that's what I would do. 

If he's an ineffectual leader, he
  • 1. Would not have been elected twice, by a wide margin (his opponent claiming 47% were dependent on gov't...which, ironically, was the percentage of voters who voted for Romney), 
  • 2. Would not have accomplished as much as he has, including making it possible for millions of people to have medical insurance, 
  • 3. Would not have had longest, steady job growth in history, 
  • 4. Improved an economy all experts agreed was headed to Depression 2.0 so remarkably, it's made history, 
  • 5. Would not have had so many other accomplishments too numerous to mention despite an absolutely uncooperative and divisive Congress. You can see some of those here.

Like him or not, our president has kicked ass against all odds and despite having his life threatened more than all other presidents combined, and despite an arguably ineffectual secret service whose job is to have his back.  So, haters gonna hate, but this writer supports our president 100%.

In fact, mark my words, Barack Obama may go down in history as the best president this country has ever seen.

Be cool, be nobody's fool; and don't dismiss the bliss