Monday, November 11, 2013

How We SHOULD Honor Our Veterans

It sure would be nice if we saw to it our veterans were thought of more than on Veteran's Day and Memorial Day. Stop the idiotic, unceasing wars and make sure our veterans are taken care of...not just with some tickets and a day of observance...but with jobs, medical aid, and not letting our moron politicians cut their benefits.

The SNAP cuts this month cut 900,000 veterans 21 meals a month; the planned SNAP cuts will knock 4 million, including veterans off the program altogether. This is not the thanks for serving your country that veterans deserve. Harass your politicians daily, if necessary, to restore these things to our veterans.

THAT's how you can help honor them.

Sunday, November 10, 2013

DEFINED EVIL. Send this to your favorite politicians.

If it is your policy to deny "the least among us" who could be described as the disabled, the sick, the hungry, children, the elderly, the working poor, the mentally ill food to eat, shelter, life beyond servitude, then you are evil.

There is no gray area.

You are evil. 

And if you do nothing to stop those in power who advocate evil, then you enable evil. Think about this statement of absolute, naked fact the next time you go into the voting booth.