Friday, December 18, 2015

An Essay On Star Wars...all of them as one.

I will probably be force-choked for this, but I love all the Star Wars movies, the 2 CGI series, and hope to see the new movie someday soon (I'm disabled and can't go to a theater). 

Despite the catastrophically low Rotten Tomatoes rating (18%?!), I don't feel the Phantom Menace was that bad, and the box office receipts and DVD/blu-ray sales receipts kind of back me up. It had some great moments and while Jar-Jar Binks seems to be the bane of all that is holy to Star Wars fans (some of which regard him as Darth Plagueis in disguise---where does George get these names, a cereal box?), I think a lot of people can identify with a clumsy being who can find his way if people give him a chance. That said, he did flunk out on Revenge of the Sith in a necessary if not hated way, giving the future emperor "emergency powers." That pretty much sank him. 

Nevertheless, Star Wars is a journey about family and how beings make choices that sometimes lead down the wrong path. All 6 are basically about the Skywalker family and what huge consequences happened as the result of their choices. A journey that's fantastic storytelling, even if sometimes bombastic and flawed. I'll take the whole thing, warts and all and find good in it, just like Luke found good in his dear ol' Dad.

Be cool, be nobody's fool; and don't dismiss the bliss.

QM šŸ‘½