Sunday, December 22, 2013

Are We Being Invaded...From Within?

With the holiday season upon us this month, and the festive spirit I see among friends, there is also the underlying and meagerly reported fact that many people in our country are struggling. These are people who, through no fault of their own, have been left behind by society either through losing a job or trying to get by on stagnant wages while expenses have ballooned, from rent to utilities and/or food. 

Congress seems more prone, being dominated by a fractured and completely soulless Republican majority, to obstruction and even destruction of America's most important institutions, including government itself, demonstrated very clearly with the shutdown of the federal government for several days because of an unwarranted fear by the Greed Oppression Piety party of the Affordable Care Act, colloquially now known as Obamacare.  Their obstruction financed by the Koch Bros., Freedomworks, the Heritage Foundation and other wrong-wing special interest groups and political action committees has done widespread damage to this nation, on par with SuperStorm Sandy, only with more hot air over a much larger debris field. If I didn't know better, I'd suspect the Tea Party dominated G.O.P. were infiltrated by space aliens whose goal was our demise as a species. People not native to the United States likely think the same thing in the back of their minds, finding our gigantic gridlock posing as governance to be both humorous and perplexing.

As I have said before, the rich oligarchy and their corporate minions have the bulk of America's working class so beleagered by labor just to survive, there is no time for people to stop and think about the extent of their circumstances other than just that survival, ignoring what's really going on here; which is today's Republican party using their wealth and political power to oppress and subjugate the working class.

There is indeed a great redistribution of wealth going on and it is from the working class up to the ivory towers of a wealthy and greedy minority, using the hate and fear driven motivation of the Tea Party, steeped in ignorance, to drive the nation into chaos.  When the little people are fighting amongst themselves, they won't notice the real enemy, which is made of corporate oligarchs like the Koch Bros. and the fossil fuel industry as a whole (comprising oil, coal and gas industries) out to rake in every nickel and dime they can from the proletariat.

This has to stop, and it is up to thinking people who notice this treachery to take up the mantle of changing things so that parity once again brings society back from the brink. This was explored universally by FDR after World War 2 and led to the powerful middle class, which for about 3 decades or so, had a moderately successful run. Then came the Reagan years and it all went south.  Now, despite a brief bump during the Clinton years, the middle class has taken a nose dive and the poor underclass are now a majority in this country, but they don't have majority power.  In order for change to occur, it will take persistence and physical action to circumvent the vast sums of money poured by the rich oligarchs into keeping the status quo..

If we do not succeed, things are already headed in the direction of what H.G. Wells predicted in 1895 in his classic Time Machine novella, where the chasm between rich and poor will be so vast, that the species itself will split into two, one consuming the other. Right now, it's the rich consuming, figuratively, everything the poor has. Eventually, the poor will be consuming the rich, only literally, according to Wells' story.  When life starts being scarier than fiction, maybe it's time we take action?

STOP THE INVASION FROM WITHIN.  Join Unite Blue, a progressive organization out to educate and cure our nation's ills.  You can also tweet them at @uniteblue.  Your obligation only is to do help yourself and your fellow human beings succeed in restoring parity, strengthening the middle class, the backbone of our nation, as without a strong backbone, how can you stand?

Be cool, be nobody's fool; and don't dismiss the bliss.


Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Reflections On Life After Madiba

Nourishing the Soul, Nourishing the Body, Building a Bridge Between Us.

What I have found from listening to great tunes and traveling in spirit with Anthony Bourdain, is that music and food bridge barriers. People seem to forget the false boundaries between us when at a stadium singing along with a great song or anthem or at a barbecue or feast. I think if we had a world wide event like the Mandela Memorial, for example, where perceived boundaries melt away, more often, we'd have universal peace. It's not so much about tolerance between us as a self touted intelligent species, but acceptance of one another just for being alive. In the end, it's not so much about being right or wrong, but being one as brothers and sisters. As difficult as that is, sometimes, to wrap your head around...especially with hate having such a drowning voice, it's what the most venerated among us have sought to expound to us...Jesus, Ghandi, Mandela, and yes, our president. All of them made it a point to embrace their enemies despite the odds against them. So it might be a good idea to find out what the person you have a problem with likes in music and food, and invite them for dinner and a song.

By Any Other Name

In the Seneca Language, Niawê, which means thank you, sounds like Yahweh, which is God. I thank God for all that I have. Whatever your interpretation of what God is, the basic tenet many can agree, is that God is the manifestation of love. Think about it, if it weren't for love, the all powerful force that transcends boundaries, barriers, limits, measures, and our understanding, the Universe as we know it, would not exist. That's the crux and perhaps the bridge between physics and metaphysics.

Witnessing With Our President At The Mandela Memorial

President Barack Obama, on the right side of history, making history, and being historic, inspires us by following #Madiba's example of peace & justice.

Madiba Manifesting Love Beyond Mortality

#Mandela or #Madiba was about peace, justice and the unity of humankind. What made him so venerable was his choice to forgive his enemies.

And Now For Something Completely Different...or Silly

To ch-ch-ch-chia or not to ch-ch-ch-chia, that is the question. Whether 'tis Nobler in the mind to suffer The Slings and Arrows of outrageous Chia Pets; Or to take Arms against a Sea of Kitsch; And by opposing end them: to die, to sleep, to belch ominously. In summation, I challenge thee to say the word "soliloquy" three times without disabling thy

And In

Thanks to all of you who follow me on Google Plus, Twitter and facebook. Without you, I'm just a fart in a hurricane. With you, I'm a fart in tropical depression. =O)

Quantum Mechanic

Friday, November 22, 2013

The Presidency after 50 years; Reminder of What We Lost

Fifty years ago, the office and personage of the presidency was treated with respect, even reverence. Now, it has become something to be attacked and treated with disdain. Granted, politics has become a many splendored and moneyed thing, but that doesn't excuse the sickness of this nation and it's unconscionable treatment of the current president, making him a caricature of something he never was, is not now, nor will ever be.

Whatever your politics, our president was elected twice, and legally. He is a good man who has made history against all odds, a man facing a legislative branch more obstructive than at any time in the nation's history. Let's not forget who has thwarted anything this man has suggested to improve the lives of the common man, woman and child in America. He is a true American, one whose story would be impossible in a supposedly united nation without the gravitas and humanity of people like JFK, RFK and MLK.

We have lost our way, but our president has not. His heart is in the right place and his efforts have always been in our collective favor. The way we have treated him is unacceptable. What time I have left will be spent defending him, because he is worth defending, and so is the office he holds. Remember that the next time you complain when he doesn't live up to your unreasonable expectations considering the constant war he has had to tolerate from all sides in his own country, let alone others.

Monday, November 11, 2013

How We SHOULD Honor Our Veterans

It sure would be nice if we saw to it our veterans were thought of more than on Veteran's Day and Memorial Day. Stop the idiotic, unceasing wars and make sure our veterans are taken care of...not just with some tickets and a day of observance...but with jobs, medical aid, and not letting our moron politicians cut their benefits.

The SNAP cuts this month cut 900,000 veterans 21 meals a month; the planned SNAP cuts will knock 4 million, including veterans off the program altogether. This is not the thanks for serving your country that veterans deserve. Harass your politicians daily, if necessary, to restore these things to our veterans.

THAT's how you can help honor them.

Sunday, November 10, 2013

DEFINED EVIL. Send this to your favorite politicians.

If it is your policy to deny "the least among us" who could be described as the disabled, the sick, the hungry, children, the elderly, the working poor, the mentally ill food to eat, shelter, life beyond servitude, then you are evil.

There is no gray area.

You are evil. 

And if you do nothing to stop those in power who advocate evil, then you enable evil. Think about this statement of absolute, naked fact the next time you go into the voting booth.

Thursday, November 7, 2013

Obstructing Governmental Administration is a crime--yet we pay Congressmen to do it.

An average citizen can get charged and go to jail for something called "obstructing governmental administration." Why is it we pay Congressmen $175,000 a year plus unlimited free health care and benefits for life for doing the same thing? Could it be, as many cultures quietly wonder, that we're prisoners of our own making? That we stay home from elections that count? That we have lost our way and this is the end of civilization here? Just some questions that maybe we need to start answering. All I know is, the powerful get that way because we let them. Maybe it's time to stop that?

Monday, November 4, 2013

Sad Orange Man Puts An End To ENDA---are we surprised?

Regarding ENDA and Bonehead The Spooker of the Whores claiming that existing law already prevents discrimination (29 states have no such law)---if you are on the front lines in the battlefield and your life is in the hands of your fellow soldier, be that soldier man or woman...are you going to give a shit about the sexual orientation of the person whose bullet saves your life from a goddamn Taliban asshole? I think not. If a firefighter saves your baby from a fire you started by forgetting to put out your blunt, are ya really going to ask that firefighter if they're straight? I think not. We really need to start becoming a little more logical as a nation and stop shooting ourselves in the foot.

Saturday, November 2, 2013

Doomsday Prepping By The Poor

A lot of poor folks doing doomsday prepping out there right now, thanks to asshole politicians (you know who I mean) who think working poor are "takers." These are the same characters who watch Fox News and that crackhead Stossel saying that poor people are swimming in bennies and cash, which is bullshit.

21 less meals a month may not seem like much, but for people working two jobs and still not making enough (most of the population), it's like a knife in the back on top of higher sales taxes in many states, higher rents, etc. The rich 1% has seen 95% of all the financial gain in this country, and the working class gets stuck with the bill...and you wonder why I'm pissed or give a shit. It's hard not to when I see friends and family barely getting by.

Do you wonder why people sometimes resort to selling their blood or hocking stuff at pawn shops just to pay their bills? This is unacceptable. I will remember this shit in November 2014 (if I live that long) and I hope y'all do, too.

Friday, November 1, 2013

900,000 veterans have 21 fewer meals this that fair to them?

900,000 veterans receive 21 less meals per month thanks to the food stamp cuts going in effect today. Repubs plan to cut 4 million people off SNAP, 98% of those folks are working poor, veterans, elderly and disabled folks, all of whom have little to no voice in government. It is a fact that predatory economics is most effective if billionaires like the Koch Bros., whose goal is to "pare down" the population to a more manageable level finance politicians who only goal is to line their pockets and do little to nothing to improve the lives of those they swore to serve when taking office. 

This must change if we are to call ourselves an advanced society without laughing.  We are an embarrassment to the rest of the planet mainly because we let this happen.  I always hear, "I only vote in presidential elections as this other stuff is unimportant." This could not be further from the truth. EVERY election matters if you want to survive in what is swiftly becoming a slave state. 

So if you are thinking to yourself, "Oh hell, here we go, the Libtard with Asberger's is foaming at the mouth again," you have that right...but deep down, if you don't already suspect it, you will eventually come to the conclusion, hopefully not too late, that i am right about this.

Sunday, October 27, 2013

Surveillance State or Stopping An Asteroid With A Feather

Surveillance culture. Been saying since the 1980s that the surveillance state was out of control back then...did ya think it would have improved? ROFLMAO if 60 Minutes indicated license plates could be read from orbit 30 years ago, what did you think they could do now?

If you fart the wrong way, the NSA can tell you what you had for breakfast, lunch, dinner and a midnight snack. I'm being facetious but come one, people, NOW you're protesting? Patriot act signed in 2001 after a national "event" that some might say was engineered as a method of justifying what the NSA was already doing and nobody said much.

Now, some colostomy bag calling itself Edward Snowden who made sure his ass was covered reveals shit we ignored for decades, and people bitch. A little late to the party, no?

As a country we are great at killing people, watching people, not so good at finding or helping people. We data mine like an old lady hoarding cats.

If you want to make your digital footprint invisible? Take the battery out of your phone, unplug your electronics, especially GPS, and hide in plain sight. Otherwise, you have as much chance of stopping the NSA as you would stopping an asteroid with a feather.

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Cynical Miracle

As a skeptic while at the same time having faith in a higher power, I had one of those moments evangelicals will call a PTL moment. Now while I do not subscribe to that dogma, I do believe and have seen the power of prayer (or as some would call it, intention by accessing the divine or divine creative vibration a.k.a. using the Holy Spirit to transform metaphysical into physical).

I was dumbfounded and desperate to find a way to do a 3d version of a digital cinema package (the format used by theaters now to play movies or movie clips used prior or between movies for public service announcements or ads) and lo and behold, while looking for an update or instruction to the software I was already using for 2d, DVD-o-Matic, today the same developers released a new software called DCP-o-matic, which has a checkbox for 3d.

I am hoping it works, but more important than that, it's a miracle, albeit small to most people, that today of all days, at the perihelion of my frustration, an answer seemingly came out of nowhere today just when I needed it. Now some would say the Universe conspired to help me and I'm down with that, but I also have faith that my prayer or intention was heard, even without me uttering a word. Not bad for one of the most cynical sods on the planet, no?

Friday, October 18, 2013

Wanting To Punch Ted Cruz in the Priebus---But Would It Be Joyous?

Just had a thought. A good friend of mine who's Christian and a bit too into the dogma but has things of value to say told me that my putting out negative vibes just brings the enemy to me...which I interpret, not being into that angle so much, as Karma or Newton's 3rd Law or the Law of Reciprocity or Reciprocals. In other words, as much as I want to punch Ted Cruz in the Priebus with 600 foot pounds of force (which is the approximation of how much energy I'd put into that punch), it matters not. I'm not supposed to be the Sword of Vengeance. As lots of folks like to say, "Vengeance is mine, sayeth the Lord." Knowing that Ted Cruz and Dominionists like him are fueled by hatred and rage and self loathing, and that all that vast negative energy will eventually come back to them kinda makes me smile. Nay, not kinda. It just does. :O)

Sunday, October 13, 2013

The Root Of All Our Problems

The root of all our problems is the national shift from selflessness as a tenet to selfishness, or going from soul to shell. In other words, we've got to take political laxative and start giving a shit about each other again. Either that or do what Carl Sagan always warned about...go extinct as a species. It took an asteroid to wipe out the last dominant species...and a lot less, apparently, for us.

The True Jesus

Jesus is about love and is love incarnate. He doesn't care if you're Jew, Muslim, Christian, Catholic, Agnostic, Gnostic or just nasty; He loves you all the same in all 3 forms: God consciousness, Christ consciousness, Divine Creative Vibration. Religion is just a thing that those in power perpetrate on the populace. God is ultimate ethereal energy, the Subtle and Eternal Voice, the incarnation of Love. Such vastness cannot be contained or compartmentalized by the limiting concept of religion. But it can be shared, which is the fabric of what we truly are, Souls using a temporal temple to get around in an 11 dimensional universe. And those Souls are tiny whirlpools of individuality in the vast ocean of Love that is God.

Be cool, be nobody's fool and don't dismiss the bliss.

Quantum Mechanic

Friday, October 11, 2013

Open Letter To Speaker Boehner

"Tell the truth, Mr. Sad Orange Man, there are more than enough Republicans willing to pass a CLEAN CR, which essentially guts the budget for the gov't and continues your party's unjust sequester cuts, but the American People you keep referring to, are willing to accept a shiv as opposed to a sledgehammer in order to have their government reopen unencumbered. End this treachery now, by bringing the Clean CR bill to the floor for a vote as we both know at least 25 republicans would support it, and with the democratic support, the bill WILL PASS. Now, grow a pair, have some courage, tell the tea party wing of your party they can not re-decide the 2012 election. Your party lost, the #ACA is LAW, time to get on the right side of history and do the right thing. Be for country instead of party for a change. DO IT NOW. Maybe, just maybe, more than 30% of the public might actually approve of your actions. Don't do anything, and you will bring down the wrath of over 300 million pissed off Americans on you and your loser party."

More Popular Than The Tea Party

I wanted to express and share with you my tweets regarding the so beloved tea party..

*MorePopularThanTheTeaParty: having loose bowel movement and being totally out of Imodium AD.

*MorePopularThanTheTeaParty: explosive diarrhea.

*MorePopularThanTheTeaParty: Plan 9 From Outer Space on repeat.

*MorePopularThanTheTeaParty: being eaten by a Zombie while still alive.

*MorePopularThanTheTeaParty: dying, then being revived, then dying again.

*MorePopularThanTheTeaParty: cancer.

*MorePopularThanTheTeaParty: is having necrotizing fasciitis in it's last stages when even a train car of Morphine would not lessen the pain.

Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Me Vs. Sad Orange Man (John Boehner)

"Tell the truth, Mr. Sad Orange Man, there are more than enough Republicans willing to pass a CLEAN CR, which essentially guts the budget for the gov't and continues your party's unjust sequester cuts, but the American People you keep referring to, are willing to accept a shiv as opposed to a sledgehammer in order to have their government reopen unencumbered. End this treachery now, by bringing the Clean CR bill to the floor for a vote as we both know at least 25 republicans would support it, and with the democratic support, the bill WILL PASS. Now, grow a pair, have some courage, tell the tea party wing of your party they can not re-decide the 2012 election. Your party lost, the ACA is LAW, time to get on the right side of history and do the right thing. Be for country instead of party for a change. DO IT NOW. Maybe, just maybe, more than 30% of the public might actually approve of your actions. Don't do anything, and you will bring down the wrath of over 300 million pissed off Americans on you and your loser party."

Monday, September 30, 2013

Doctor Strange Love Or How I Stopped Worrying And Learned To Love The Shutdown

Here in my finite wisdom, I thought the repubs in Congress targeted Obamacare in their latest strategy. The real target was just government in general. You see, the once party of balance has become an unbalanced party of nihilism. When 87% of America disapproves of Congress since 2010, ya gotta wonder, huh? Thank God and all his stand-ins, however, that our soldiers continue to get their checks for putting their lives on the line. DC cops and about 800,000 federal workers: IOUs go out in the morning---you guys better have savings to pay the mortgage, the bills, gas, etc.

We know about what the Republicans wanted since the beginning--to destroy government as we know it, or cripple it (with the exception of the military, which they embrace--after all, gotta bomb people we don't like).

Now, let's take a look at Congressional Democrats. With the support of independent senator Bernie Sanders, they actually accomplished huge amounts of beneficial legislation between 2008 and 2010, and of course, when Republicans took the House of Representatives and turned it into the Whores Of Reprehensibles in 2010, virtually no legislation of any import has taken place. Republicans are about destroying government as they feel the private sector should run everything. This is not to say this party has always been this way, as during Eisenhower, they were more about keeping things in balance as a viable opposition party. I always welcome debate and compromise, which are the foundation for the existence of Congress. Since Reagan, however, republicans have turned toward nihilism as their main tenet, and the results speak loudly as of today...our government is at a standstill. That is not governance. That is insanity.

The Shutdown and the Lame Game of Blame

The libertarian Tealiban had 4 years plus to come up with an alternative to the Affordable Care Act, but we all know they are doing this because they know the program is already working and will be a success. Republicans pulled this garbage during Medicare, Civil Rights, anything to actually help working people. And working people are the ones suffering due to the #shutdown.

Already the DJ is down 100 plus points just today, by tomorrow we could see catastrophic economic changes, not to mention 800,000 federal workers caught in the crossfire. We need to remove the #GOP from power as they have turned into a terrorist organization, funded by billionaires and run by ignorant, racist and overly entitled malcontents.

Saturday, September 28, 2013

Obamacare Vs. the Affordable Care Act: The Skinny

Hilarious and sad at the same time: Americans are so duped by the fearmongers in the cable news and local town halls, that they find they appreciate the savings and benefits of the Affordable Care Act, but not Obamacare, which are one and the same thing.  The thing is, when you buy a car, you have to have insurance so that if you are texting or putting on your makeup and end up hitting somebody in the ass, your insurance pays for the damages. 

Same should apply to health insurance, so the taxpayers don't end up paying for you going to emergency room because you had a hang nail.  As a result of making it mandatory for everyone to have coverage, costs go down as 30 million plus are now covered, and those who were already covered end up with lower premiums as the marketplace, which opens Oct 1, allows competition---the very tenet of capitalism. 

What we should have is Single Payer or Medicare for All, but we have something and it has already
  1. Provided preventative care, 
  2. Lowered meds costs for old people, 
  3. Allowed children under 26 to remain on their parents' insurance, and best yet: 
  4. No insurance company can refuse or jack up your premiums if you have a pre-existing condition.
The teabaggers are putting out their lies because they are afraid it is working, just like they were before Medicare become law 4 decades ago.  After all, they can't politically allow POTUS to have his signature legislation to be a victory, so they are willing to destroy the nation and its people under the bus, despite the fact it will have no affect on the ACA, which is THE LAW. 

Don't believe the lie machines, get your info from the Horse's mouth: 

Having everyone insured makes it better for everybody in the long run.  If other countries can, why not us, especially when the food industry keeps trying to kill us otherwise?

Saturday, September 21, 2013

Republicans, "religion" and Oblivion (not the Tom Cruise film)

Republicans lie about being religious. If they truly embraced their purported "God," they would do for the poor instead of doing exactly the opposite of what Christ taught. Christ embraced "the least among us," and hung out with them as well. Republicans like Michelle Bachmann worship money and only money. They are completely overtaken by greed, avarice, entitlement, sloth, and just general evil--which is the negating and predation of those least able to defend themselves; the working poor, disabled, elderly, even homeless veterans. To take money from these people is easy for republicans as they know the "least among us" have no voice. 

It's up to the intelligentsia and people with empathy and decency to do everything in our power to destroy their influence and stranglehold over our government. Republicans of today are nothing like they were even in Eisenhower's time. Since Reagan, they have embraced greed and evil. Time for them to go the way of the Whigs...into oblivion.

Thursday, September 19, 2013

Republicans snap elderly, working poor, disabled, veterans off SNAP

It is unconscionable that Republicans in this Congress are so bereft of empathy, knowing that Americans are suffering; that most of the recovery went to the top 1/10 of 1% of the population while everyone else is struggling to find work in a post industrial, finance based economy, where people must retrain to handle the new technology that domestic industry demands. 

Most all of the recipients of food assistance (SNAP) are working families, elderly retirees, disabled individuals, veterans (many of whom are either homeless, disabled or both), with very few of them totally dependent on such assistance to subsist, and even those people are barely surviving.

Instead of passing the POTUS; jobs act, which would lessen the expenditure of these programs since it would add to the tax base, republicans again side against logic and pass these Draconian measures designed to destroy what little of the Middle Class there is, primarily because their sole goal is to fund themselves and their rich friends. Gone is the party of so-called balanced government spending, replaced by a GOP controlled by greed, avarice and abject evil. 

Despite their vast, nationwide expenditures to combat the Affordable Care Act (a.k.a. Obamacare), and despite their nationwide attempts to deny whole segments of the population the right to vote, making them all but pay a poll tax (added costs for transportation and the procurement of "proper documentation" to get the right ID to vote), Republicans will fail in 2014 and if I live that long, I will relish the day when they fall and go the way of the Whigs---into oblivion where they belong.

Evil is as evil does.  And so it goes.

Be cool, be nobody's fool and don't dismiss the bliss. (tm)

Monday, September 16, 2013

The Honeymoon Between TV and the Internet Continues

Well, it looks like Sleepy Hollow premieres tonight on Fox. I say that because going to imdb you can't miss the ad graphics.  If I had the green light to reboot The Invaders, I'd promote it on there, Hulu Netflix and anywhere else people gravitate toward TV.

TV and the Internet are moving closer and closer.  In the near future, it would not surprise me that a lot of shows that you only see on Netflix (House Of Cards, Orange Is The New Black, etc.) will also be appearing on other Internet derived platforms.

As it is, if you have some good lighting and entertainment value, there's always U-Stream and let's not forget Youtube. That platform pretty much allowed the Internet and TV to marry in a big way.

A friend of mine, Gary Troy, back in the 90s, had this vision and had developed some great ideas to stream movies and TV to the Internet.  Back then, I remember we talked about the day when TV and computers would be united as one technology and here we have Smart TVs and DVD Players with PC tech and wi-fi.

It won't be long and we'll be watching TV and doing computing with Google glasses...and smashing into trees with our smart cars.  George Jetson, you started something.

Saturday, September 14, 2013

My Credo

Brief soapbox time: It is my aim to seek the destruction of any political entity whose energy is focused on an unrelenting attack on the "least among these," defined as the poor, the disabled, children, and the elderly. The very definition of evil is to prey on those least able to defend themselves and I will do everything in my power, what little I have, to fight against this evil and destroy it wherever it rears its ugly head, for there is no greater purpose in life than to give a voice to those without one, and to give power to the powerless. And now, I shall step off my soapbox and stomp the hell out of the evil I speak of. Giggity.

Friday, September 13, 2013

BITS OF TID - Friday the 13th Edition


So now idiots are bashing the First Lady because she just advises to drink more water?? Water???? Cheeses Flocking Crispness...ever since I was a little kid, always was advised to drink more water to 1. clean out your kidneys, 2. clean out poisons from your body, 3. to stay hydrated, 4. to have before meals to make you less prone to over-eat, etc., etc. We're 70% water, so what the hell is the big deal? I suppose if she said breathe more deeply they'd be chasing her with pitchforks??? Take a tranq, people. And stop watching Fox News. It's rotting your brain.

So Julie Chen had surgery on her eyes to make her look less Asian so she could get better jobs? Did I wake up in mofuggin Taliban City or is this America? Cheeses H Crackerjack, this racist bullpuckey is getting old.

CNN doing a story on "is your water safe" and they're saying it's okay to drink, just don't get it up your nose or an amoeba might eat your brain???!! What in the happy horse hockey hell on hamburger hill? I guess getting that Brita water bottle was a good decision after all.

To the chick on that ad for America's Natural Gas....if you think riding a bus running on natural gas is "doing your part" to help the environment, you're as delusional as that annoying valley girl accent of yours. "Doing your part" is riding a bike to work instead of getting in the SUV gas guzzler you have in your driveway you use to go two blocks to buy an overpriced Latte. Doing your part is to stop buying microwave meals with packaging that causes landfills to be larger than football fields and get off your lazy ass and make a f#ckin' salad or even a sandwich and throw it in a Tupperware for lunch at work. Turn off the lights in rooms you don't use. Don't run the faucet for an hour just to get colder water. Just some small "doing your part" things. Riding a bus ain't cuttin' it, hun. Rilly? Fer sure.

Instagram...when your mom finds out you're pregnant.

It's going to be spooky today as it's Friday the 13th. 13 is 31 backwards so October Friday the 13th may be the harbinger of very strange John Boehner becoming a democrat for a day, or Ted Cruz becoming normal for a day, or Putin on the Ritz Cracker wearing lipstick, a tu-tu and of course, no shirt.

Eternal, unconditional love to the people suffering from the floods in Colorado, the people whose livelihoods were destroyed in Seaside Heights, NJ by fire, and the refugees from Syria who are starving to death as a result of the brutal Assad regime.

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

The President's Real Strategy For Syria

The POTUS' strategy all along has been to rattle sabers to get Syria and the world community to flinch, and they have. Obama is not a war monger and while it seemed he was (he fooled even me for a while, and I have a well honed bullshit-o-meter I rented from Will Smith's Agent J), we know now the strategy was merely to threaten military action to get the mice to scurrying. If the Russian proposal is serious (it's in their best interest to prevent extremists from having access to Chem weapons), then Asshat a.k.a. Bashar "Skinny Hitler" Al-ASSad will make nice and we can start focusing on cleaning up our own doorstep for a change. 

Besides, Congress has to get back to trying to defund the Health Care Act, take the US into a lower credit rating with S&P with yet another debt ceiling debacle, shut down the government so Social Security recipients and veterans will be even poorer, and not doing anything constructive for yet another year until people wise up and vote them out in 2014.

Saturday, August 31, 2013

Six Reasons Why POTUS Should Not Attack Syria

Sent POTUS 12 tweets this morning warning him against an attack on #Syria --

I know it's just a series of farts in a hurricane as i am one of millions, but like a good share of the thinking public, I realize that:
  • 1. The military industrial complex wants him to attack using moral justification and what I feel is dubious national security concerns, 
  • 2. It already is being compared to Iraq, which was based on a lie, 
  • 3. An attack of a Russian strategic ally will lead to World War 3 as the attack will be viewed by Putin as THEIR red line, 
  • 4. Unilateral attack without Congress and the rest of the UN sec council and other countries will be viewed as a huge historical and strategic failure after it occurs, regardless of whether it cripples Assad or not, 
  • 5. While it is appalling what Assad has done, we cannot repeat the gigantic error of Iraq, 
  • 6. American people by and large do not support the attack, and they're the ultimate judge, right or wrong, as while we have an eroded democracy, it is still a democracy.  
I hope he will at the very least brings Congress into the decision, following the War Powers Act, and just target the Assad Oil Refineries (his cash cow) if we MUST attack.  Ideally, we should act with words and not the sword.

Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Stop The Unwarranted Hate Speech Against Our President.

To the knockwursts out there who say horrible things about our president, keep in mind he's our president, who, from his actions since 2009, has our best interests in mind, and if you think he isn't doing a good enough job, that's your right guaranteed by the first amendment, but the unreasonable disrespect for the office, the name calling, attacking the man personally or for his race is uncalled for and I won't stand silent.

Keep in mind, also, that virtually everything said on the internet is permanent and as we all know, becomes part of the NSA database, and has been since the incarnation of the internet by DARPA (Defense Advanced Research Project Agency) those many years ago. So the next time you want to be a little coward and think you can type your vitriol to impress your friends, you might want to think twice.

Why not stand for helping others instead of incessant critique of a man who puts his life on the line every day to do so?

What Has Our President Done To You To Deserve All The Hate? No, Really?

So I was reading an article on Mediaite about the president's pending speech on the 50th anniversary of the March on Washington and some tool just had to comment, "MLK would have slapped that bastard." Seriously? Is the internet just filled with shitbags pretending to be human? 

This unwarranted and ridiculous hatred for a president whose primary goal has been to help those in need, to reverse injustice, and to bring some parity in this divided nation shows that it's not the president that's the problem, it's the embracing of ignorance and stupidity in our culture. As I said before, our culture has become more of a petri dish of bacteria. Cut it the fuck out.

Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Intern = Slave

Let's take a look at two groups of workers people in power have the lowest regard for...

Intern: a sanitized word meaning SLAVE. These folks are often young, college educated, work long, often unpaid hours with no benefits, often derided, for the privilege of being a lackey for some bourgeoisie shitbag. I'm sure there are better stories for these people somewhere, but in my half century experience, most of those stories are pretty much how I described.

Restaurant Workers, otherwise known as wait staff, bussers, dishwashers, crew...these folks are not that much different from interns in that they are underpaid, often earning no more than 2.13 an hour plus tips (woo hoo, thank you Herman Cain for that travesty), derided, treated like crap, have no health insurance, and unless they look like Jennifer Lawrence, aren't exactly swimming in tip money.

We have a tendency in this country to reward those who rule, and punish those who work for those who rule. It didn't used to be that way as much back in my day, but today, it's disgraceful to level of obscene, and unless it changes, HG Wells prediction of a schism of the human species, where one literally preys on the other as a source of food, will come true 800,000 years early.

Monday, August 26, 2013

Jay Carney MUST do a lot of Zen Meditation

Watching C-Span live press conference with Jay Carney and the salivating members of the corporate media goading and goading him to reveal a decision that has not yet been made as to what kind of response, military or otherwise POTUS will make as to Syria's undeniable, to quote SecState Kerry, use of Chem WMD against its own people. 

Holey cheeses, Maury Povich and Jello Shots, if I were Carney, I'd probably have to take a bottle of valium to keep from saying, "When POTUS is ready after assessment and discussion with Congress and our allies, we will let you know what we're gonna do, and until then, shut your goddamn pie holes, k? Now, I'm gonna go chomp on a fuckin railroad spike and then get drunk. Buh bye."

Sunday, August 25, 2013

Credit Bureaus Screwing Americans...with a Chainsaw Strap-on

Watching 60 Minutes regarding the Credit Reporting scam and how Equifax, Transunion and Experian are basically f#cking Americans with a chainsaw strap-on as at least 40 million people have mistakes on their credit report, some deliberate, and that many of them are impossible to remove. Since employers now check credit reports, it can ruin people's chances of getting jobs, let alone loans.

No mention in the story whether the new Consumer Protection Bureau, who the republicans want to destroy, can protect people, but as I have said since Reagan took office, Americans are basically just targets for the rich bitches who actually run the world. And people wonder why I am such a cynic.

I want this on my headstone or on the garbage bag they put me in when they take me to the landfill: F#ck the rich with a chainsaw strap-on. Replace the # with a "u" of course. That is my final answer, Alex Trebek.

Friday, August 23, 2013

Right Wing - An Oxymoron of Galactic Proportions

Right oxymoron of galactic proportions.  In my half century on this planet, I have yet to see them right about much of anything. A more apt name would be the Broken Wing.  They used to stand for small government, in words alone, yet under every Right Wing president since Reagan, the government has grown exponentially---mainly in military, but then the Republican Party and conservatives in general don't view the military as "government," even though it is.  Now, our military is the largest on the planet, despite warnings from Republican president Dwight Eisenhower, who, by today's standards would be considered a leftist; with expenditures exceeding all other countries combined.  Delusion is the sea these folks swim in, and it's time for thinking people of all walks of life who still embrace common sense to say, "enough."

You've Entered The No Bullshit Zone, episode 1


Most Annoying Car Commercials---most suck, but the VW ad for the Passat takes the cake for uber-doofusness. And what the hell kind of a name is Passat anyway? Sounds like something you cough up after snorting coke on a urinal. Passat...sounds more like ASSHAT. No thanks, I'll stick with my Jazzy. 5 miles an hour, fully electric.

Carl Sagan warned us 33 years ago in his epic miniseries Cosmos that we were headed for extinction. Did we listen? Shit, we just decided HELL YEAH, let's do that extinction thang. He's in the Next World, going, "billions and billions of brain dead..."

The Atlanta shooting should stand as still another sign post for "hey, certain folks shouldn't have access to projectile weapons." Take me, for instance, none of y'all would want someone as nuts as me brandishing a gat, right? And if I was going to ever own a piece, it would HAVE to have a laser site because I can't hit the barn side of a broad. And it would likely have to have some heft. Maybe a Super Aegis 2. :OD

Hmmm, started out the month with 635 friends, then 634 last week, 633 this week. I guess I must be doing something right :OD. "On one thing you can depend, and that's my ability to offend."

Politicians who advocate that rape is just a form of "rough sex," need to have their dose of Cialis replaced, surreptitiously, of course, with a prescription grade laxative.

Bob "Filthy" #Filner should resign, then be thrown in the hoosegow with Jerry Sandusky. They'd make a great couple...of pervs.

  • We need more Antoinette Tuffs in this world and less Wayne LaPierres. True heroes who use courage and words rather than cowardice and guns.
  • When I was young, I thought the term "Prosecute" referred to a good looking ho.  I lived a sheltered life.
  • Mother Jones, WTF is up with you telling a lie, misquoting Aaron Sorkin, one of the best writers in media?  Are you becoming Republicans?
  • Irony on a galactic scale: When the #NRA claims the Gov't is trying to start a gun ownership database, when it's the #NRA doing just that.
  • Bashar al-Assad, also known as Bastard Asshat, slaughters his own people by the thousand & we still haven't sent a nuke down his pants yet?

We don't need to take up the sword to stop a sword---we need heroes whose words bring down walls and shatter hatred. And by that reckoning, all of us have the potential to change the world.

Thursday, August 22, 2013

This Would Solve A Lot of World Problems...

I'd Say that "RED LINE" Has Been Crossed, Stomped and Shat On.

Funny, when the douche nuggets in the dubiously named "Intelligence Community" want somebody bad enough, they will find his ass and blow it off the face of the earth. Why, then, haven't those geniuses taken out Bashar Al-ASSad? I don't need a fucking chemistry degree to tell that they've used chemical weapons on their people. Nothing against POTUS, but I'd say that "red line" has been crossed, stomped on and shat on. Now I know it's not the United States' job to be the planet's beat cop, but again, what is the limit for atrocity these days? 

And if we're just going to ignore shit, why not ignore our ass out of Afghanistan, Egypt and everywhere else our nose is stuck because some rich shitbag has to drive a giant SUV down 2 blocks to get a latte? Maybe we should close all our embassies in that region and say, f#ck it, no? All I know is that our lust for fossil fuels has to stop somewhere. That's an oily red line I think we crossed a century ago.

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Fux News thinks Sarin is something you wrap your cabbage in.

Some comments on today's events...

I think one major reason (aside from the fact that POTUS has the wrong color Mom and Dad) why the repubes don't like Obamacare is because they're afraid it will work and that their graft of all that insurance money from the industry lobby will evaporate. It's all about money, folks; mainly how much they take from YOU. The "Takers" are not little kids, Grandma selling her cat to pay for meds, or homeless veterans. The takers are the politicians, banks and fossil fuel corporations who own them. Those are your enemies, not the schmuck wearing shants and wearing his baseball cap backwards to try to look cool while he tries to buy Red Bull using his Access card.

You can always tell what the cable news networks' priorities are...HLN pundidiots bitching at each other over that old news about Hannah and her kidnapper (is it my cynicism or was she complicit with the kidnapping?), CNN is dragging the shit out the Atlanta shooting, FUX is dragging the shit out of the 3 bored kids who killed an Australian jogger out of boredom, pretending that it's on the level of what happened to Trayvon---yeah, white tragedy vs. black tragedy, and MSNBC is at least current with the heavy coverage of the ASShat regime in Syria using Sarin gas on its people. Despite the obvious, all the pundits say there should be physical proof. I don't know what seems to rank as atrocity these days, but isn't killing children and old people pretty much atrocious no matter what kind of weaponry? Some days, I just wish I stopped giving a shit....but then I'd have to go out and buy some Dulcolax.

Of course, ExxonMobilKochBros Amalgamated would have you believe that it's just natural for the Earth to heat up since oil, coal and natural gas are derived from stuff that was once alive. The operative phrase is "once alive." Humans made this happen, humans can change it.

Monday, August 12, 2013

Best Methods To Prevent Abortion

Best methods to prevent abortion: 1. A case of Trojans including glow in the dark so you know where things are, 2. No means no, meaning put your thing in something else, 3. Vasectomy, 4. Tubal ligation, 5. In the case of idiots, mandatory sterilization, especially of Congressmen, namely Louie Gohmert, Steve King, Joe Barton, Michele Bachmann, Dana Rohrabacher, Paul Broun, oh hell, the whole lot of them.

Best form of pre-abortion: a good swift kick to the nards with steel toed boots. Guarangoddamnteed to get the job done. I find it very effective. In the case of Rush Limbaugh, you'll have to hire a forensic team to find 'em. Probably why he doesn't have kids as they might have gone back to whence they came.

Friday, August 9, 2013

The TRUTH about Social Security and how Congress has robbed it.


Whoever greenlighted Storage Wars should be shot point blank in the face with a .44...twice just to be sure it took. Storage Wars, Storage Hunters, Storage Pawn Porn, whatever, all these shows for shitbags is endemic of a society so poisoned by greed they don't even know that they're the victims. They don't call it the boob tube for nothing as 90% of TV has become vacuous, empty calorie drivel. That said, 10% of TV has some promise to be entertaining and at times educational, even if mainly to demonstrate what NOT to do in life. Still, a Benjamin and a half for 40 minutes on the hour for content and the other 20 misleading, pandering and lowbrow advertising is a bit pricey, even if 10mbps internet is included.

Thursday, August 8, 2013

Tubesteaks R Us.

San Diego Mayor Bob Filner and Wannabe Mayor Anthony Weiner should run to Canada, buy a food truck or two and start a chain called Weiner's Wieners and Filner's Franks. Their tag line would be: "Tubesteaks R Us. Come have a bite."

The Power Of Chocolate and Bob Filner's The Rapy

World News Now says research indicates chocolate helps improve memory and that older adults, given hot chocolate daily over two weeks showed better blood flow and better memory retention. I am down with if I could remember where I put the cocoa. In a related story, if San Diego Mayor Bob Filner thinks that two weeks of so-called intensive the rapy (yes I separated the word on purpose) is going to "cure" his lifetime problem of misogyny and creepiness, he's definitely smoking moldy weed. That's like me giving up chocolate for two weeks. I'll miss it like hell, and after two weeks, I'm on it like white on rice....or cocoa on milk.

Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Reince Priebus a.k.a. Rancid Penis and How The Dems Need To Win Elections.

Despite what Rancid Penis (Reince Priebus for you noobs) is trying to do, the gopturds will run a candidate like Ted Cruz or Rand Paul and neither of those two giant dildos would have a prayer against a democrat in a general election, whether Hilary runs or not. The country has changed and these Neocons live in a bubble where America is still lily white with little picket fences, 2 and a half kids, and Mumsy barefoot and pregnant while hubby is out corporate raiding. The reality is that there is a giant chasm between rich and poor and education has been gutted to create an underclass who are so duped by crap on Faux News and Newsmax that they really believe the rethuglican party is fighting for their interests, when the exact opposite is true. Evil is as evil does, and evil breeds like a cancer. The Democratic Party must be the cure and the only way it can be is to be fiercely united and smart. Study Lao Tsu, know your enemy, and fight hard and strong as this is war. Not necessarily civil war, as civility has left the building, folks, but it IS war nonetheless.

Putin On The Ritz Cracker...

I don't blame all of Russia for the douche nugget running that country. My dad was from there, Russian is a second language for me, and my first film was about a Russian gymnast. That country, however, sure has a problem with DICKtators running it. Only ONE Russian ruler had the right idea on how to run things right...a fella named Gorbachev, who pretty much changed the planet by pulling out the Jenga piece that held the former Soviet Union together. You don't hear from him much anymore, but he's pretty much the last leader of that country who understood that freedom and justice are the right concepts in leadership, not tyranny. Putin on the ritz, former(?) director of the supposedly defunct Komitet Gosudarstvennoi Bezopastnastiy (KGB), the Committee For State Security, also known as the Russian Secret Police, is extremely powerful, but as we all know, gather enough people and things can change...look at what happened there in 1917. Maybe in 2017, people there will finally be truly free.


I've noticed folks getting more and more bat-shit, and I think it's because of these new low testosterone treatments. Men, having families, naturally, yes naturally have a reduction of testosterone...IT'S NATURAL. But no, the big pharmaceuticals who are poisoning people on a mass scale would have you believe it's NOT natural, that you MUST get that Axilron, you MUST get that Viagra, you MUST get that Cialis. Constant barrage of this stuff advertised on the boob tube, radio, everywhere, and I seriously think it's making men in power so fucked up in the head, they are living in a different world. I used to think it was too much red meat, but it's probably too much red meat with bovine hormones pumped into it along with too many drugs for the peepee. Cut the shit! I don't give a crap if I have any "T" left. In fact, that's the operative word---crap. If you shit more and worry less about the peepee, you might be a little less f#cked up in the head...right, CongressMEN? And as far as Michelle Bachman goes, I think she's been eating Marcus' Cialis and may end up turning into Ann(dy) Coulter's tranny twin.

Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Discarding Society, Discarded People.

As a nation, we have a propensity to discard things en masse. Corporate controlled media, the food industry, and in fact, industry in general has shifted over the past few decades toward more throwing away than creating. We delegate creativity elsewhere. fostering an antiquated educational system that leans more toward the dollar as a deity than what can be created with the illusory power of money. Simply put, Americans have been led to believe that throwing something away is cheaper or more advantageous than keeping it. This mode of thought has spread to all aspects of our once civilized civilization.

You may, reading the above paragraph, wonder what the hell my point is since this behavior is so entrenched that no one really cares to change. My point is that we have discarded people. As a predatory species, humanity has a tendency toward the old concept of survival of the fittest, hence a primal propensity (there's that word again) toward putting aside the elderly, children who are not our own, animals, and people we regard as "other."

As a supposedly advanced society where intellect should overtake that primal propensity, we should embrace each other without the illusion of "otherness" based on prejudice. No one is born with prejudice or disdain for that which seems different from is a learned behavior, pushed ironically by people with ulterior motives in the guise of religion or other branches of power. The powerful do not have to prey on the weak, but let's face it, when unchecked and unbalanced, power in the hands of human beings can and will get out of hand.

Witness what is happening in our country right now. Despite the reality that we have always been a melting pot of all nations on the earth, opening our doors to a perceived freedom from oppression, we have ironically chosen to collectively oppress segments of our own population fueled by the illusion of separateness, mainly as a survival mechanism...again that primal propensity. We use the illusion of "not enough money" or "not enough food." These are lies. We produce enough food to feed the world, and throw away nearly that much every year and yet we have starvation right in our own country. I know, I have witnessed it, lived it, and continue to fight against it.

The president taking a stand against injustice and speaking for Trayvon Martin inspired me to write about what I have been observing for years now...we not only discard things, we discard each other. Most notably over temporal, illusory things like race, religion, age, sex, you name it, we have a landfill of sorts to throw it in. We wonder why more prisons than schools are being built and why African Americans are by and large the most populous in those prisons. What better way to rob those you are afraid of, who have little power of their own to defend themselves, than to throw them in a box, or a symbolic landfill. Is it any wonder why a discarded people resort to whatever means they have to survive.

The president sought to rise above the walls of injustice and against all odds, has risen to the most powerful, if only symbolic power, position on this planet. But not everyone has those skills or abilities. When a people is oppressed and treated as less than human, can you really justify your belief that they would, by nature, just collectively ignore that and just brush off their shoulders and succeed when everything is against them? Try putting yourself in Trayvon Martin's shoes. Try thinking that it could be your child walking home with candy and iced tea as "weapons."

Try imagining what it's like to be pre-judged as something you are not. I went through nearly my entire life being judged as something I wasn't. I was called stupid, I was called a fag, and other names I won't bother you with here. My mentioning that is to support the fact that I know full well what it's like to be pre-judged based on perceptions. I struggle with this as I catch myself pre-judging people, perhaps as a result of having that experience so often myself.

We need to stop bullying each other. The illusion is that we're separate; that we're different from each other other than just individuality. Our younger children seem to get it, maybe because they are closer to the divine than we are, having not learned our prejudices and as witnessed in recent times, having exceeded those prejudices.

You can blame music for that. Music and pop culture, whether we agree with it or not, has brought people together and erased borders. I have witnessed it. If we want to survive as a species, we need to stop throwing each other away. We are all Trayvon. We are all one. And boy, I struggled with that every day, especially when I see people acting like pods in government. But as we all know, The Invaders are fictional characters representing symbols that should stand as sign exit: The Reality Zone.

Be cool, be nobody's fool and don't dismiss the bliss.

 James E Finch, a.k.a. DJ Quantum Mechanic.