Friday, August 9, 2013

The TRUTH about Social Security and how Congress has robbed it.


Whoever greenlighted Storage Wars should be shot point blank in the face with a .44...twice just to be sure it took. Storage Wars, Storage Hunters, Storage Pawn Porn, whatever, all these shows for shitbags is endemic of a society so poisoned by greed they don't even know that they're the victims. They don't call it the boob tube for nothing as 90% of TV has become vacuous, empty calorie drivel. That said, 10% of TV has some promise to be entertaining and at times educational, even if mainly to demonstrate what NOT to do in life. Still, a Benjamin and a half for 40 minutes on the hour for content and the other 20 misleading, pandering and lowbrow advertising is a bit pricey, even if 10mbps internet is included.

Thursday, August 8, 2013

Tubesteaks R Us.

San Diego Mayor Bob Filner and Wannabe Mayor Anthony Weiner should run to Canada, buy a food truck or two and start a chain called Weiner's Wieners and Filner's Franks. Their tag line would be: "Tubesteaks R Us. Come have a bite."

The Power Of Chocolate and Bob Filner's The Rapy

World News Now says research indicates chocolate helps improve memory and that older adults, given hot chocolate daily over two weeks showed better blood flow and better memory retention. I am down with if I could remember where I put the cocoa. In a related story, if San Diego Mayor Bob Filner thinks that two weeks of so-called intensive the rapy (yes I separated the word on purpose) is going to "cure" his lifetime problem of misogyny and creepiness, he's definitely smoking moldy weed. That's like me giving up chocolate for two weeks. I'll miss it like hell, and after two weeks, I'm on it like white on rice....or cocoa on milk.

Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Reince Priebus a.k.a. Rancid Penis and How The Dems Need To Win Elections.

Despite what Rancid Penis (Reince Priebus for you noobs) is trying to do, the gopturds will run a candidate like Ted Cruz or Rand Paul and neither of those two giant dildos would have a prayer against a democrat in a general election, whether Hilary runs or not. The country has changed and these Neocons live in a bubble where America is still lily white with little picket fences, 2 and a half kids, and Mumsy barefoot and pregnant while hubby is out corporate raiding. The reality is that there is a giant chasm between rich and poor and education has been gutted to create an underclass who are so duped by crap on Faux News and Newsmax that they really believe the rethuglican party is fighting for their interests, when the exact opposite is true. Evil is as evil does, and evil breeds like a cancer. The Democratic Party must be the cure and the only way it can be is to be fiercely united and smart. Study Lao Tsu, know your enemy, and fight hard and strong as this is war. Not necessarily civil war, as civility has left the building, folks, but it IS war nonetheless.

Putin On The Ritz Cracker...

I don't blame all of Russia for the douche nugget running that country. My dad was from there, Russian is a second language for me, and my first film was about a Russian gymnast. That country, however, sure has a problem with DICKtators running it. Only ONE Russian ruler had the right idea on how to run things right...a fella named Gorbachev, who pretty much changed the planet by pulling out the Jenga piece that held the former Soviet Union together. You don't hear from him much anymore, but he's pretty much the last leader of that country who understood that freedom and justice are the right concepts in leadership, not tyranny. Putin on the ritz, former(?) director of the supposedly defunct Komitet Gosudarstvennoi Bezopastnastiy (KGB), the Committee For State Security, also known as the Russian Secret Police, is extremely powerful, but as we all know, gather enough people and things can change...look at what happened there in 1917. Maybe in 2017, people there will finally be truly free.


I've noticed folks getting more and more bat-shit, and I think it's because of these new low testosterone treatments. Men, having families, naturally, yes naturally have a reduction of testosterone...IT'S NATURAL. But no, the big pharmaceuticals who are poisoning people on a mass scale would have you believe it's NOT natural, that you MUST get that Axilron, you MUST get that Viagra, you MUST get that Cialis. Constant barrage of this stuff advertised on the boob tube, radio, everywhere, and I seriously think it's making men in power so fucked up in the head, they are living in a different world. I used to think it was too much red meat, but it's probably too much red meat with bovine hormones pumped into it along with too many drugs for the peepee. Cut the shit! I don't give a crap if I have any "T" left. In fact, that's the operative word---crap. If you shit more and worry less about the peepee, you might be a little less f#cked up in the head...right, CongressMEN? And as far as Michelle Bachman goes, I think she's been eating Marcus' Cialis and may end up turning into Ann(dy) Coulter's tranny twin.

Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Discarding Society, Discarded People.

As a nation, we have a propensity to discard things en masse. Corporate controlled media, the food industry, and in fact, industry in general has shifted over the past few decades toward more throwing away than creating. We delegate creativity elsewhere. fostering an antiquated educational system that leans more toward the dollar as a deity than what can be created with the illusory power of money. Simply put, Americans have been led to believe that throwing something away is cheaper or more advantageous than keeping it. This mode of thought has spread to all aspects of our once civilized civilization.

You may, reading the above paragraph, wonder what the hell my point is since this behavior is so entrenched that no one really cares to change. My point is that we have discarded people. As a predatory species, humanity has a tendency toward the old concept of survival of the fittest, hence a primal propensity (there's that word again) toward putting aside the elderly, children who are not our own, animals, and people we regard as "other."

As a supposedly advanced society where intellect should overtake that primal propensity, we should embrace each other without the illusion of "otherness" based on prejudice. No one is born with prejudice or disdain for that which seems different from is a learned behavior, pushed ironically by people with ulterior motives in the guise of religion or other branches of power. The powerful do not have to prey on the weak, but let's face it, when unchecked and unbalanced, power in the hands of human beings can and will get out of hand.

Witness what is happening in our country right now. Despite the reality that we have always been a melting pot of all nations on the earth, opening our doors to a perceived freedom from oppression, we have ironically chosen to collectively oppress segments of our own population fueled by the illusion of separateness, mainly as a survival mechanism...again that primal propensity. We use the illusion of "not enough money" or "not enough food." These are lies. We produce enough food to feed the world, and throw away nearly that much every year and yet we have starvation right in our own country. I know, I have witnessed it, lived it, and continue to fight against it.

The president taking a stand against injustice and speaking for Trayvon Martin inspired me to write about what I have been observing for years now...we not only discard things, we discard each other. Most notably over temporal, illusory things like race, religion, age, sex, you name it, we have a landfill of sorts to throw it in. We wonder why more prisons than schools are being built and why African Americans are by and large the most populous in those prisons. What better way to rob those you are afraid of, who have little power of their own to defend themselves, than to throw them in a box, or a symbolic landfill. Is it any wonder why a discarded people resort to whatever means they have to survive.

The president sought to rise above the walls of injustice and against all odds, has risen to the most powerful, if only symbolic power, position on this planet. But not everyone has those skills or abilities. When a people is oppressed and treated as less than human, can you really justify your belief that they would, by nature, just collectively ignore that and just brush off their shoulders and succeed when everything is against them? Try putting yourself in Trayvon Martin's shoes. Try thinking that it could be your child walking home with candy and iced tea as "weapons."

Try imagining what it's like to be pre-judged as something you are not. I went through nearly my entire life being judged as something I wasn't. I was called stupid, I was called a fag, and other names I won't bother you with here. My mentioning that is to support the fact that I know full well what it's like to be pre-judged based on perceptions. I struggle with this as I catch myself pre-judging people, perhaps as a result of having that experience so often myself.

We need to stop bullying each other. The illusion is that we're separate; that we're different from each other other than just individuality. Our younger children seem to get it, maybe because they are closer to the divine than we are, having not learned our prejudices and as witnessed in recent times, having exceeded those prejudices.

You can blame music for that. Music and pop culture, whether we agree with it or not, has brought people together and erased borders. I have witnessed it. If we want to survive as a species, we need to stop throwing each other away. We are all Trayvon. We are all one. And boy, I struggled with that every day, especially when I see people acting like pods in government. But as we all know, The Invaders are fictional characters representing symbols that should stand as sign exit: The Reality Zone.

Be cool, be nobody's fool and don't dismiss the bliss.

 James E Finch, a.k.a. DJ Quantum Mechanic.