Monday, September 29, 2014

The Antidote For The Formula Of Self Destruction

I have written recently about a cascading formula for self destruction embraced by hate groups, including, sadly, the Grand Old Party (a.k.a. the Gee Oh Pee [on you and me] or the Greed Oppression Piety party).

The Formula for Self Destruction:


By cascading I am postulating that hubris leads to avarice; which leads to tyranny; which leads to evil.

This formula comes from the embrace of negative emotions and concepts: Greed, Fear, Jealousy.

HATE comes from Greed, Fear, Jealousy; thus H/A/T/E is a derivative of G/F/J

Here is the antidote or cure:

We must, as a planetary society that envisions itself as an intelligent species, remove religion from the equation and put God(dess) back in. God is what we call the intangible 5th, the ultimate creative vibration. Love is the only thing that will save humanity.

Whores Of Reprehensibles a.k.a. House Of Representatives

Funny how our Representative form of government no longer does that. The House of Representatives, under the control of the Gee-Oh-Pee (on you and me) has clearly become the Whores Of Reprehensibles. While we are yet again in perma-war, they vacation while being paid by you and I. We need to purge them or get rid of the system altogether and replace it with something akin to the United Kingdom. I propose we replace all our elected officials with scientists, teachers, doctors, and veterans.

You know, in the satire, Starship Troopers, their system of government was run by veterans. 

Maybe that's not such a bad thing, at least partially. All I know is that the current system works only for the 1%.

We're Worried About Thugs In The Middle East?!

Remember when the Nazis murdered 11 million people, 6 million of which were Jews, and the rest people of other faiths? We're doing the same thing...singling out people for their religion and using the media as a weapon to exact violence. Am I right, Fux News?

Human beings have an annoying habit of repeating history because certain evil factions within it like to keep trying to rewrite it.

Ask yourself who controls what textbooks are being allowed in public schools. \

Ask yourself why public schools are being shut down and de-funded, replaced by "charter" schools and private schools, why parents are choosing home schooling because of this.

We are being f**ked with a chainsaw strap-on, from within. 937 Militias massing weapons, all committed to destroying our government, and most of them aren't Muslim. Most of them claim otherwise, using religion as a tool and a shield to build up their disaffected base, some of whom pretend to serve in legislative branches, including Congress, where all laws are made.

You're worried about 30,000 thugs wearing black in a desert?

Worry about the thugs in this desert, in this country, on the doorstep we never sweep.


CALL TO ACTION: We Democrats need to remind people that there is a mid-term election and that this one is the one that matters! Thus, IMO, our focus needs to be on 1 thing...getting Dems elected and republicans unelected. Doing that is simple...get people registered, help people promote their local or state Dem candidates using social media and knocking on doors, reminding Dems that this November 4 is more important than any future election. No one with any sense should be talking about 2016 when 2014 looks this bleak. We have to be of ONE VOICE and ONE PURPOSE. No egos, no splintering, no fracturing should be tolerated this close to Nov. 4. Our SOLE GOAL is to put SOULS to the POLLS!!!! Everything else does not matter.