Friday, March 7, 2014

The Illusion Of Separation And The God Concept

You can live by science and have God. People need to stop kicking each other over temporal matters that mean nothing but destruction. We live in a physical universe governed by the physical. As souls, we also live in the metaphysical universe. God is the collective universal soul. We all have our individual interpretation of something that cannot be limited by such interpretation.

A common analogy would be that to some folks, God is a white Jesus, but to other folks, God is a olive-skinned non-Caucasian Jesus, and to still other folks, may be a woman with omnipotent power, and to still other folks, may not be any kind of personage at all. 

This does not negate anybody's beliefs since all of these are just our human interpretation of that which cannot be limited by same. God or goddess or Universal Soul is the metaphysical embodiment of all sentience. 

Once we understand that we all see things differently, we can possibly come together as we should have been in the first place. 

Separation is an illusion. As human beings, fettered by our physical limitations, we keep buying into separation and with that belief comes temporal and destructive behavior like hate, fear, and ultimately, destruction. 

Love is about building something. If you must have consensus with the next person, and still cling to this idea of separateness, perhaps you can at least accept that Love is God. 

 Trust me, I have issues with this stuff myself, but when I am calm...when I commune with nature...when I get in the mindset of contentment, which can be hard when I see suffering, especially needless suffering, I realize that this physical existence can be blinding to the truth that we are all One. 

Just some food for thought from someone at the sunset of life in the physical.

Be cool, be nobody's fool,
and don't dismiss the bliss.