Monday, June 23, 2014

Interview With A "Deity."

Solamaine is a formerly human teenage singer transformed into pure energy, but who chooses to live on Earth as a human, learning a few things on her journey. She has the ability to instantly turn matter into energy and back again, to alter reality through sheer will, having the equivalent energy output of 2 trillion solar masses.  Here she is interviewed as to her origin and intentions...

Reporter: Where does your power come from?
Solamaine: I've been told it's from Dark Energy.
Reporter: Since you're pretty much a deity, shouldn't you know that??
Solamaine: Where'd you get that rubbish? I'm no more a deity than you are.
Reporter: You have the power of a God.
Solamaine: Power doesn't make anyone a God. Love is God. When people love without condition, that's God.
Solamaine: People have seen you perform miracles, especially to help others. Isn't that love?
Solamaine: I'm still still learning what love is. When I eventually find the answer, I suppose that's when it'll be time for me to go.
Reporter: Go? Where?
Solamaine: Where my father is.
Reporter: Where is he?
Solamaine: I live, but I've still got to learn to forgive and find love within. Life here is just about 3 things. To live, to forgive, and find love within. I've still got 2 steps to go.

(Solamaine is, obviously, a fictional character, at least in our universe, designed by the Quantum Mechanic)