Friday, June 4, 2010

Is the President Too Cool for America?

As I've observed for the past year, people are pissed at the president, mainly over the oil spill since it's on the minds of the public right now. It's funny, though, most of those same people who are pissed the most are white and working.

I think the big issue now is the fact that the president is perceived as aloof and distant from the emotions of the American public, especially those suffering in the Gulf States affected by the catastrophic oil spill. In other words, Obama is not pissed enough.

Cool heads prevail, though, right? Do we need another knee jerk president like George W? In this instant gratification society, you're pretty much damned if you do and damned if you don't, especially if you happen to be, you know I am going to say it, black.

That's the real issue here. Just like Jimmy Carter pointed out many months ago, people just can't get past the fact that an intelligent black man is running the country.

When George W. was in office, the vitriol was nowhere near as bitter and even hateful as it is now. People in this country are so angry at each other and so polarized, you'd think there was something wacky in the water, or tea or whatever they're drinking.

My suggestion is to take a tranq, people. The guy is at least making an's a link [below] to a list of 111 accomplishments, which, at this writing, is still incomplete:

Facebook List of President Obama's Accomplishments

So, if you're looking for him to just step up to the microphone and say,

"Yo, Be Pee are greedy motherfuckers who have effectively ruined the lives of every man, woman, child and animal on or near the Gulf Coast and I am going to kick their sorry asses into the middle of next week!"

Well, probably not, unless somebody slips him a LOT of Vodka and Red Bull. But I said it for him. I still like the guy, I think he does care, and he is doing stuff for working folks in this country. If that makes me a target, well, good. Bring it on!

Still....could ya just growl a little, B-Rock?

Have a great weekend, y'all!

Be cool, be nobody's fool and don't dismiss the bliss.

Quantum Mechanic®

Apocalypso - Thrilling Drilling Shilling Thursday Edition!


Well, only a month and a half and Be Pee still haven't a clue on how to stop the oil spill that is the worst such disaster ever. If I didn't know better, I'd think somebody has it in for Louisiana. I don't have too much more to say about this issue other than to quote a line from Princess Leia in Star Wars: A New Hope...

"You had a plan for getting in here. Did you have a plan for getting out?"


I always giggle at this guy's name because it sounds more like "Nuttin', yahoo!"

But I digress.

The attack by Israeli commandos was an epic fail politically as folks around the world only look at the surface of the issues at hand. Israel is surrounded by people who want to kill them, so their actions, prompted by fear - a useless emotion that pretty much universally controls human behavior around the world, are viewed as "Israel is just being a big bully."

Enemies of Israel are eating up the press coverage. Wouldn't it be cool, though, if somehow Israel would step up to the plate and allow the creation of a Palestinian state? Unfortunately, though, it's not going to happen in your lifetime, let alone mine. Too much money to be made from hate.


SYDNEY (Reuters) – An Australian kookaburra bird is undergoing personal training after growing too fat to fly because she ate too many sausages.
The kookaburra got into trouble with her weight when residents at a Sydney park began feeding her sausages at barbecues.

The porky kookaburra weighed in at 565 grams (1.2 pounds), nearly 40 percent heavier than a normal adult bird, rendering her so unfit she couldn't fly.

"Out in the wild she'd eat a whole small animal such as a mouse or skink, but butcher's sausages are just too much of a good thing," said Gemma Watkinson, Sydney's Taronga Zoo wildlife hospital nurse.

Poor little fuzzy! Isn't she cute? The thing is, as much as we love feeding the animals, it just goes back to the fact that when one starts messing with nature, things get a little dodgy. I got a kick out of this story because I love birds and because I am glad that people cared enough to help that bird.

Speaking of birds, I challenge anyone to get through an 11 minute episode of the Penguins of Madagascar with a straight face. That is without a doubt the funniest cartoon I have ever seen. If you don't at least giggle watching these cute little paramilitary penguins, you're already dead! The half hour show features two uncut episodes and is usually on at different times on Nick, but I have often found stereo versions of the show at 5 PM EST on Nicktoons.