Saturday, August 31, 2013

Six Reasons Why POTUS Should Not Attack Syria

Sent POTUS 12 tweets this morning warning him against an attack on #Syria --

I know it's just a series of farts in a hurricane as i am one of millions, but like a good share of the thinking public, I realize that:
  • 1. The military industrial complex wants him to attack using moral justification and what I feel is dubious national security concerns, 
  • 2. It already is being compared to Iraq, which was based on a lie, 
  • 3. An attack of a Russian strategic ally will lead to World War 3 as the attack will be viewed by Putin as THEIR red line, 
  • 4. Unilateral attack without Congress and the rest of the UN sec council and other countries will be viewed as a huge historical and strategic failure after it occurs, regardless of whether it cripples Assad or not, 
  • 5. While it is appalling what Assad has done, we cannot repeat the gigantic error of Iraq, 
  • 6. American people by and large do not support the attack, and they're the ultimate judge, right or wrong, as while we have an eroded democracy, it is still a democracy.  
I hope he will at the very least brings Congress into the decision, following the War Powers Act, and just target the Assad Oil Refineries (his cash cow) if we MUST attack.  Ideally, we should act with words and not the sword.

Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Stop The Unwarranted Hate Speech Against Our President.

To the knockwursts out there who say horrible things about our president, keep in mind he's our president, who, from his actions since 2009, has our best interests in mind, and if you think he isn't doing a good enough job, that's your right guaranteed by the first amendment, but the unreasonable disrespect for the office, the name calling, attacking the man personally or for his race is uncalled for and I won't stand silent.

Keep in mind, also, that virtually everything said on the internet is permanent and as we all know, becomes part of the NSA database, and has been since the incarnation of the internet by DARPA (Defense Advanced Research Project Agency) those many years ago. So the next time you want to be a little coward and think you can type your vitriol to impress your friends, you might want to think twice.

Why not stand for helping others instead of incessant critique of a man who puts his life on the line every day to do so?

What Has Our President Done To You To Deserve All The Hate? No, Really?

So I was reading an article on Mediaite about the president's pending speech on the 50th anniversary of the March on Washington and some tool just had to comment, "MLK would have slapped that bastard." Seriously? Is the internet just filled with shitbags pretending to be human? 

This unwarranted and ridiculous hatred for a president whose primary goal has been to help those in need, to reverse injustice, and to bring some parity in this divided nation shows that it's not the president that's the problem, it's the embracing of ignorance and stupidity in our culture. As I said before, our culture has become more of a petri dish of bacteria. Cut it the fuck out.

Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Intern = Slave

Let's take a look at two groups of workers people in power have the lowest regard for...

Intern: a sanitized word meaning SLAVE. These folks are often young, college educated, work long, often unpaid hours with no benefits, often derided, for the privilege of being a lackey for some bourgeoisie shitbag. I'm sure there are better stories for these people somewhere, but in my half century experience, most of those stories are pretty much how I described.

Restaurant Workers, otherwise known as wait staff, bussers, dishwashers, crew...these folks are not that much different from interns in that they are underpaid, often earning no more than 2.13 an hour plus tips (woo hoo, thank you Herman Cain for that travesty), derided, treated like crap, have no health insurance, and unless they look like Jennifer Lawrence, aren't exactly swimming in tip money.

We have a tendency in this country to reward those who rule, and punish those who work for those who rule. It didn't used to be that way as much back in my day, but today, it's disgraceful to level of obscene, and unless it changes, HG Wells prediction of a schism of the human species, where one literally preys on the other as a source of food, will come true 800,000 years early.

Monday, August 26, 2013

Jay Carney MUST do a lot of Zen Meditation

Watching C-Span live press conference with Jay Carney and the salivating members of the corporate media goading and goading him to reveal a decision that has not yet been made as to what kind of response, military or otherwise POTUS will make as to Syria's undeniable, to quote SecState Kerry, use of Chem WMD against its own people. 

Holey cheeses, Maury Povich and Jello Shots, if I were Carney, I'd probably have to take a bottle of valium to keep from saying, "When POTUS is ready after assessment and discussion with Congress and our allies, we will let you know what we're gonna do, and until then, shut your goddamn pie holes, k? Now, I'm gonna go chomp on a fuckin railroad spike and then get drunk. Buh bye."

Sunday, August 25, 2013

Credit Bureaus Screwing Americans...with a Chainsaw Strap-on

Watching 60 Minutes regarding the Credit Reporting scam and how Equifax, Transunion and Experian are basically f#cking Americans with a chainsaw strap-on as at least 40 million people have mistakes on their credit report, some deliberate, and that many of them are impossible to remove. Since employers now check credit reports, it can ruin people's chances of getting jobs, let alone loans.

No mention in the story whether the new Consumer Protection Bureau, who the republicans want to destroy, can protect people, but as I have said since Reagan took office, Americans are basically just targets for the rich bitches who actually run the world. And people wonder why I am such a cynic.

I want this on my headstone or on the garbage bag they put me in when they take me to the landfill: F#ck the rich with a chainsaw strap-on. Replace the # with a "u" of course. That is my final answer, Alex Trebek.