Thursday, April 16, 2015

Our New Superhero is GYROCOPTER MAN!

The media and politicians are having a conniption fit about the man with the gyrocopter (I want one) who landed (not crashed) on the Capital Bldg.'s lawn. Yes, I spelled Capital that way on purpose since the Capitol Bldg houses folks who no longer give a fuck about average Americans. This mail man decided to risk his life, yes HIS LIFE, to bring attention to the fact that MONEY controls our political system. We are no longer a democracy because we've let a bunch of evil gop shitbags take over our legislative branches (which is the real power, not the executive branch). The man should be chastised, but considering how criminal our legislative branch, also known as CONGRESS, has become, they should be jailed, not him. That's how I see it.

Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Why Humanity Can't Yet Call Itself Intelligent

To the folks who keep making money selling doomsday prepper stuff saying we're headed for a civil war, we've been in a civil war since January, 2009; only it ain't very civil; and people are dying...usually shot in the back because they have a difference in pigmentation from the folks shooting them in the back.

People are also dying thanks to shitbags running states refusing the impoverished to have health care. When humanity can dispense with bigotry, misogyny and willful ignorance, then we can call ourselves "an intelligent species." Until then, and especially in 'Murica, we're basically just an intergalactic game preserve, and not a member of the group of species who actually can call themselves sentient.

Wake the fuck up.

Be cool, be nobody's fool; and don't dismiss the bliss.

Quantum Mechanic