Thursday, November 7, 2013

Obstructing Governmental Administration is a crime--yet we pay Congressmen to do it.

An average citizen can get charged and go to jail for something called "obstructing governmental administration." Why is it we pay Congressmen $175,000 a year plus unlimited free health care and benefits for life for doing the same thing? Could it be, as many cultures quietly wonder, that we're prisoners of our own making? That we stay home from elections that count? That we have lost our way and this is the end of civilization here? Just some questions that maybe we need to start answering. All I know is, the powerful get that way because we let them. Maybe it's time to stop that?

Monday, November 4, 2013

Sad Orange Man Puts An End To ENDA---are we surprised?

Regarding ENDA and Bonehead The Spooker of the Whores claiming that existing law already prevents discrimination (29 states have no such law)---if you are on the front lines in the battlefield and your life is in the hands of your fellow soldier, be that soldier man or woman...are you going to give a shit about the sexual orientation of the person whose bullet saves your life from a goddamn Taliban asshole? I think not. If a firefighter saves your baby from a fire you started by forgetting to put out your blunt, are ya really going to ask that firefighter if they're straight? I think not. We really need to start becoming a little more logical as a nation and stop shooting ourselves in the foot.