Thursday, May 29, 2014

How To Deal With Suffering

I wrote this to someone close to me who's going through some of the stuff I have issues with myself...

Suffering is a part of life, meant as a contrast to joy, and even though it seems suffering outweighs joy among those of us who are not part of the privileged, that in itself makes those who suffer and endure stronger and more apt to proactively deal with the shitstorm, as we all eventually face the drama. The idea is to use our skills, gifts, and intelligence to make our lives as comfortable and drama free as is possible. I hear you regarding empathy for others and the helplessness you feel. 

In my own experience, I use my voice, either through writing or otherwise, as a call to action for those willing to take such action, to bring some trace of justice, parity, and common sense to the experience. That's what life is, an experience, a bump in an eternal journey that the physical is only a small part. 

Try not to get so attached to the illusions of the physical, but definitely keep your heart open and with those oppressed and unjustly treated, as those folks are more often than not, deserving of your attention. We can only change our own little doorsteps, our own tiny parts of the universe, but if enough of us make the effort, things will change. As Ghandi says, be the change you want to see. Start with yourself and work your way outward. It's not an easy thing...nothing good is ever easy, but just like the civil rights movement, it's a battle fought until won, not dependent so much on time, but on effort. 

Evil succeeds when good people stand by instead of standing up to it. You have a great gift in communication, in literary expression, and in intelligence. Redirect that more in acting upon as opposed to reacting to the oppression of your heart. 

In short, don't let the bastards win.

Be cool, be nobody's fool, and don't dismiss the bliss.