Saturday, May 17, 2014

"We Just Can't Afford It." - Politicians' Favorite Lie.

When politicians say, "we just can't afford it," always remember they are lying. Money is just a bunch of numbers on a computer screen...the gold standard was shelved long ago. The rich and powerful determine who gets what and how much.

As a planetary society, a.k.a. humanity, which loves to think of itself as the top of the food chain on Earth, it is capable of both creating great universal abundance, and at the same time, total destruction. It's just a matter of erasing hubris and selfishness; replacing it with altruism and selflessness. 

 The strange but true universal constant is that you always find self through selflessness. It's based on Newton's 3rd Law or the Law of Reciprocity...for every action, there is an equal reaction. If you put out negativity, you get it back. If you put out hate, you create illness. 

Take one hard look at Rush Limbaugh. Does that look healthy?