Tuesday, June 9, 2015

"Power Tools To Murderers"? Are You F-ing Kidding Me?

"Power tools to murderers." WTF? What's next, warden, swords? Tanks? Tactical Nukes? The justice system in 'Murica is 100% SNAFU & FUBAR! We beat the shit out of people who are innocent but can't make bail yet treat murderers like their crime was farting in public. No, seriously, if you are accused of a crime & you are poor & can't afford bail, you go to the hoosegow. Yes you do. 38% of people in jail are only there awaiting bail!

As the hilarious & venerable John Oliver pointed out on his show Sunday, June 6. READ:
John Oliver Talks Bail (Video)

Here's some more citations for you

We Lock Up Tons Of Innocent People & Charge Them For the Privilege (Mother Jones)
Are America's Jails Used To Punish Poor People (CBS News)

Google more and you'll find more on this. We've got to change this nation's justice for just us system or we're toast as a nation. As my haiku says, truthfully:

"Rich, White & Straight, You're Gonna Skate;
 Poor, Black or Gay, You Ain't Gonna Be OK."

Another inconvenient truth from the QM [drops mic]