Friday, March 4, 2016


I know I seem to be hellbent on dissing the orange gasbag running for president, but somebody has to. I am mixed race. So is my son, even more than I. America underestimated the power Hitler had over Europe and as a result, 11 million were gassed, shot by firing squad & even more unspeakable horror. Now I realize that my voice is but a fart in a hurricane, but do we really want history to repeat itself? This ugly-ass dirtbag has active support from real live Nazis & skinheads, has reporters beat up, protesters assaulted & spat on; all the things that happened during Hitler's era and more....and no one says or does anything about it. Someone has to speak out and's ironic because I really have no skin in the game anymore. By the time that piece of human detritus gets himself elected, I likely won't be around. You need to stop America from becoming the new Nazi Germany...unless that's what you want.

Be cool, be nobody's fool; don't dismiss the bliss.