Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Are You #DubyaDumb? Here Are The Warning Signs

Are you Dubya-Dumb? Here are the signs....1. You forgot we got into 2 trillion-dollar unnecessary wars costing over 4500 American soldiers' lives, 2. You forgot we went into Iraq on a lie (WMD=OIL) and created a power vacuum that we & thousands others will be suffering from for decades, 3. You forgot rich people got 2 tax cuts during those unfunded wars, 4. You forgot that poor governance over the financial system tanked our economy and millions lost their jobs, 700,000 a month, 5. You forgot another unfunded prescription drug program that gave lots of money to the same Big Pharma industry that creates all those pills on TV that kill you & lawyers make money suing. So, all the bullshit about Dubya being more popular than PBO is just that, BULLSHIT. If the truth is hard, tough. It's the fucking truth.