Wednesday, October 22, 2014

We Create Our Own Demons

"We create our own demons." - Tony Stark, Iron Man 3. 

The irony in that statement from a comic book movie is that it's true. Greed creates poverty and drought, which in turn creates things like ebola and ISIL. When people are robbed of their means to survive, when water becomes scarce and/or tainted, diseases of the body, such as ebola, and diseases of the mind, such as ISIL, become virulent. Simple solution becomes difficult because greed, a fuel for evil, is allowed to win out. 

When we can stand up to greed and stamp it out, then we can rid ourselves of what greed and evil create. That said, this falls on deaf ears, blind eyes, and those bereft of empathy. 

I'm not long for this world, so folks may be surprised that I actually care about these things, but ironic or not, I do, hence my rant, or more appropriately, the fart in the hurricane.