Saturday, December 13, 2014

SONY & HOLLYWOOD HACKED: "Boo Frickin' Hoo!"


Yes, as Rocket Racoon famously said, "Boo Frickin' Hoo."  This is a company and an industry which pays its top brass billions upon billions of dollars, with creativity squelched & most of their personnel severely underpaid while being exploited by these same, often arguably racist, sexist, and hedonist bosses.

These executives crying foul over their emails and screeners being disseminated by tech savvy hackers should elicit the same reaction from the public as if Rupert Murdock stubbed his toe while hacking into murder victims' private phones to sell stories in his tabloids.

"Boo Frickin' Hoo."

Hollywood executives swim in such opulence, hoard so much money while exploiting their workers that having sympathy for them becomes problematic, especially when they exchange racist emails with each about the president, take advantage of arguably talented actors who they also regard as fodder, and pay female actors much less than their male counterparts.

"Boo Frickin' Hoo."

What about all the people who buy their products?  We get hacked all the time and pay Geeksquad or some other outfit millions upon millions of dollars we have to borrow.  You don't want your shit stolen? Get it off your phones, your computers, your servers, your thumb drives, etc.  Hell, I've learned a hard lesson by losing a terabyte of data on a drive compromised through illicit port scanning. It's a fact of life in today's world where theft is commonplace, not only in the creative sphere, but in every other sphere. I never have anything that's worth anything on my drives while being on the internet.  I'm a poor, stupid slob.  What's your excuse, Hollywood?  You literally swim in money!

"Boo Frickin' Hoo."

Hollywood charges an average of 10 bucks for a movie ticket, $25 for a blu-ray of a movie that costs them less than a dollar to make (including royalties), spends exorbitant amounts of cash on films that arguably should never have been made.  Guess who gets most of that money?  The actors? The crew? Craft Service? Um, nope. The same executives who got exposed making fun of our POTUS of color because of his color.

"Boo Frickin' Hoo."

Yes, he said it best...Rocket Racoon, a now wholly owned CGI animal of the most powerful media giant on Earth: Disney.  Billions and billions and billions of dollars all going to the top, and them being butthurt about a hack just doesn't hold any water.  If you don't want your shit out there, keep your shit off the internet.

"Boo Frickin' Hoo."

How about paying your workers a little better and yourselves a little less?  Then, maybe, you can get us to shed a tear.


Friday, December 12, 2014

All Is Not Lost Unless You Want It To Be So.

WE are the fucking gov't---that's how it was originally set up, anyway. We decided, over the past few decades or so, to let MONEY take over so we can have more time to bask in the Kardashians' asses, to laugh at how stupid Honeybooboo is, all the while embracing stupidity ourselves. 

WE create our own demons, both through inaction and by failed action. The most important job we have is as citizen. We have failed at that, so guess who's to blame for corruption, for morons running our Congress, for income inequality, for labor rights and civil rights being gutted, for all kinds of Draconian, not the republicans....US. 

We are the gov't. We did not do our duty by voting....but we did do our doody...and now we're swimming in it. 

Be the change you want to see in the world. It's Yes WE can, not Yes SOMEBODY ELSE can. We forgot the "we" part. 

I know no one will give 2 fucks what I say as what I say ends up being a fart in a hurricane, but in the event somebody does take it to heart, keep in mind, all is not lost unless you want it to be. Be that change...VOTE. ORGANIZE. RESIST, REVOLT, REBOOT, REFORM.

Have a wonderful weekend.


Why I Agree WIth POTUS on CROMnibus

Some folks on both sides of the aisle bitching about the CROMnibus bill (I say that because Conan the Barbarian---not the red haired talk show host referred to his God as CROM) bill passing with added shit in it neither side likes.

RepublikKKans don't like most of it because it 1. funds the "gummint, 2. sick people continue to get insurance, 3. it funds the war against both ISIS and Ebola, 4. Nana gets her social security check and doesn't have to eat her cat, 5. anything else that normal people would accept as logical. 

Democrats hate that Dodd-Frank is curtailed making the big banks able to once again gamble with taxpayer money as they did up to 2007, destroying our economy and that individual donations to either DNC or RNC candidates is now in the stratosfear (yes I spelled that wrong on purpose). What people who still having a fucking brain cell don't realize is that this is a compromise bill that funds the government so we have our services. 

What is the choice here....don't vote for the bill and everything goes south like it did in October of 2013 costing this country 24 billion? In years past, this wouldn't be an issue, but we now live in an OILigarchy where big money controls everything because we didn't....say it with me....FUCKING VOTE!!!!!!! We have idiots running our goddamn congress!!!! Why? Because you didn't VOTE!!!!!!!! 

So, if you're pissed that the government is funded for a year, TOUGH SHIT!!! Next time, VOTE!!!!!!!!