Friday, July 18, 2014

Putin On The Ritz...cracker.

The news media may get a lot of things wrong, but they did get one thing right...Russia is a Mafia State, where Putin is a gang leader, ruling based on stolen money from the Russian people, which he's deposited in banks outside of Russia to finance his tin pot Hitleresque attempt to take back land Soviet Russia gave up when that fake communist conglomerate broke up. It's the same dictatorship, only with the head of the secret police, once known as the Komitet Gosudarstvennai Bezopastnasti (KGB), or in English, Committee for State Security. 

Same old tyranny, different tyrant. 

It's evident that corporations now control the world, and the New World Order that conspiracy buffs bloviate about is actually not run by our beleaguered president, despite idiots claiming he's a "king." It's run by people who are not only evil, but totally self-serving. 

Enjoy your freedom of speech and figurehead democracy while you can, as even that will go away soon. Who's to blame for this? We all are, by being complacent and forgetting that the phrase, "yes we can" involved the WE.