Tuesday, September 23, 2014

H/A/T/E Groups and the Formula For Self Destruction

This is an addendum to my essay on the Formula for Self-Destruction and it also addresses new hate groups around the planet and why they grow.

Al-Qaeda, ISIS, Khorasan, Boka Haram, Hamas, Taliban, Teabaggers, KKK; Nazis, Cliven Bundy and his ilk. 

What do these groups all have in common? 

Hubris + Avarice + Tyranny + Evil. A cascading formula for self destruction otherwise known as...simply, HATE. 

As logical as war seems to "correct" the situation with these groups, it only seems so. I've learned the hard way....HATE only begets more hate. 

We need to apply some science here. Part of what creates these groups is lack. The Arabic groups are fueled by drought, hunger, and oppression...and so they project and find new members from those who lack. 

Climate change has a gigantic effect on the expansion of these enemies. People turn to the dark when their own light has been robbed. 

More green, less mean. 

I know that sounds funny, but it makes logical sense. In order to lessen hate, we've got to replace it with love...if not directly, then with love of our world. 

Earth is all we have, and in order to share its bounty with our fellow humans, it makes sense to look at the big picture...droughts are a major reason why people go nuts. Hunger can create a lot of fear and we all know what fear creates.

The Formula For Self Destruction

One of the greatest things about the Star Wars movies is the subtle teaching of the concept of good and evil, the contrast between the two, the tenuous link between the two, and the results of the free agency and choices we make given that free agency.

Yoda, in episode 1, for example, speaks of Fear, which cascades into destructive tendencies...

"Fear leads to anger, anger leads to hate, hate.. to suffering" 

Here are the concepts that are fueled by fear, which is the fool-fuel:


Hubris cascades into Avarice, which cascades into Tyranny, which cascades, ultimately, into evil.

Evil is the negating force of the universe. It is the opposite of love, the ultimate creative force, which is also known as Divine Creative Vibration, the fifth and, as yet still unassigned by science as one of the forces (weak force, strong force, electromagnetic force, gravity), possibly because it is not tangible. 

Love can also be described as God.  Evil is the opposite of love, the opposite of what humanity refers to in its many interpretations through faith by naming it God(dess).

Hubris, Avarice, Tyranny, Evil: The first letter of each of these cascading concepts: 

H+A+T+E is HATE, the very foundation of evil given form.

Look at war....is it derived from love?  No, it's destructive, negative in every real sense. Some may regard war as a means to protect something we love, but destruction only begets more destruction. As difficult as it is for we humans to grasp, hate and it's fool-fuel, fear, only leads to destruction.

It is sad that our country and even our world has become so polarized, it's blinded itself into believing (something we always get in trouble by doing) that fear, hate, and ultimately war will rid us of the things trying to destroy us. Well, news flash...it's the same as looking in a mirror and saying, "I must kill you to feel safe."

Now let's look at the mundane but clearly evident schism in our society, not just in our country, but the world in general. It's become extremely polar.  In America, we have Conservatives, represented by the GOP, and Liberals, represented mainly by the Democratic Party.

The GOP has fully embraced the formula for self-destruction. This was not always the case, especially if you examine this organization between the time of Lincoln and Eisenhower.  Since Nixon and Reagan, or the last 40 odd years, greed and the embrace of same, has become a kind of gateway to other negative thinking, such as fear, prejudice, a lack of empathy, and worse.

I'm concerned that this disease has spread to Progressives.  I speak from personal experience as I find myself torn between despising those who embrace H+A+T+E and realizing that I am fueling the very thing I am trying to warn everyone else about.  I have to consciously keep this in check. In other words, keep the yang from killing the ying.  If we are to thrive as a species, we must keep balanced but lean forward, hence the term progressive.  The opposite is regression...moving backwards.

Don't buy into the formula for self destruction. Don't fear, don't hate.  Embrace love. It's not an easy thing to do when you have empathy for the oppressed, for the downtrodden, for those who are hurt.  It's a battle of the emotions and the will. We must choose a path away from destruction or be consumed by it.

It's our free agency, our free will to choose.  Choose life, without fear and without hate. 


Be cool, be nobody's fool and don't dismiss the bliss.


The Sad Thing About Racism

The sad thing about racism is that racists do not want to understand that we are all the same on the inside. The outside is just there to keep everything on the inside from falling out on the ground. Logic dictates that humanity's embrace of fear wrought from prejudice and ignorance, wanton stupidity is ultimately self-defeating, akin to destroying one's self. What logic is there for a species to want to destroy itself?