Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Pants On Fire Liars = RepubliKKKans

So RepubliKKKans like Turd Cruz, the fake religious zealot & Zionist, are claiming that our military budget has gone from 53% of national budget down to 16% and so they want to beef it up. Trouble is, that's a blatant lie. Our country spends, even with sequester, from $600 BILLION to $700 BILLION per annum. That's more than all other countries on earth combined. We have enough firepower to destroy the planet. Just the nukes on 1 sub...just 1, are sufficient to destroy most large countries completely with no survivors. 

We need to start redirecting that expenditure into 1. Taking care of our veterans, 2. Rebuilding our dangerously crumbling infrastructure including the national grid, 3. Bolstering our cyber-defense, 4. Wiping out homelessness. (18 million million vacant homes...surely there must be SOME logical thinkers out there). I want to see the day when our Congress, where the real power is, actually does things to improve, as opposed to decimate, the "homeland." 

I don't think I will be alive when that finally happens. Maybe you will.

Be cool, be nobody's fool...and don't dismiss the bliss.