Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Apocalypso - Terrible Tuesday Tarballs Edition: Wayward Hayward


It's estimated that 35 million barrels of oil has spilled into the Gulf Of Mexico in the 50 days since Be Pee killed 11 of their own people in an explosion that reminds one of the Massey Energy mine debacle that killed 25 miners shortly before.

BP or Be Pee as I call them are criminally and ultimately responsible for the loss of life of not only those 11 oil riggers, but of the loss of life and livelihood in the Gulf Coast communities forever damaged by this spill, which is the largest of its kind in United States history.

The United States, however, is also responsible for this mess because of it's obsession with cars to keep up with the Joneses and its subsequent Jones for fossil fuel. A need for something that's dead, hence the term fossil, is bound to lead to drama, and the result will be staring us in the face for decades to come.

And all Tony Hayward, CEO of BP, can do is shill his company and it's rather lame and ineffectual band-aid approach to cleaning up their mess. I see ads all day long claiming how sorry they are for this situation. Tell that to all the wildlife destroyed by Be Pee greed. Tell that to the shrimpers and fishermen in Louisiana who will have to be retrained since their livelihood has gone the way of the dinosaur. How ironic, since it was the dinosaur who provided the carcass that ended up as oil after its death millions of years ago.

The President, bless his heart, was quoted as saying that he needed to know "whose ass to kick." Um, B-Rock? It is, has always been, and will always be, Be Pee. How you can kick their ass is to seize their assets and redistribute them to the Gulf states. The idiot Grand Old Pustule party of knob polishers can do nothing but call this spill "Obama's Katrina." Whoop-de-frickin'-do. I don't see any of you coming up with ideas, especially since folks like Haley Barbour can do nothing but minimize the damage done simply because the oil companies contributed $30 million to his election coffers.

When officials have to turn to Hollywood, namely James Cameron and Kevin Costner, for ideas, something is wrong with this picture, in more ways than one!

In conclusion, we need to wean ourselves from the Oil Companies' teat if we are ever going to progress beyond the primitive way we extract resources for energy. In other words, we need to go from the color of shit (not chocolate as Barbour would call it) to the color of Green and in a hurry.

Oh and by the way, Mr. Hayward? I do hope you get your life back...AFTER you clean every single pelican affected by your spill. In the meantime...have a big cool glass of Kiss My Ass!

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