Friday, September 3, 2010

Open Letter To The President on Alan Simpson

I still love ya, Mr. President, but you really should consider getting rid of Alan Simpson from your deficit squad. His comments about people on Social Security, who, by the way PAID into it all their lives, are a bit ironic, to say the least. As a progressive it seems counterproductive to have someone REGRESSIVE on your team, doesn't it?

Also, if you want to continue what you started, you need to energize your base much stronger than you have. You may get some inspiration from watching Cenk Uyger on MS-NBC. His "take no prisoners" approach to the party of No is a methodology you need to deploy. That is, if you still want to make this all work.

Thanks, however, for your dedication to what's right, even though you've tried to be everything to everyone. I think you see by now, that it's just not possible to please everyone. Follow your heart. That's the secret of life. Have a wonderful holiday and keep on keeping on.

This has been the Quantum Mechanic, playing around with Tachyons and Quarks so you won't have to.