Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Do Progressives Have A Future in 2011?

I do think the progressives do have some hope ONLY if we unite. United we stand, divided we fall. The last election is a clear example of fracturing we cannot afford to have. It wasn't all big money spent to stop someone of color in the White House. Many of the Dems and independents leaning left were like spoiled children who should now be impressed with what our president has done despite all the uphill battles with both the GOPee and his own party.

I'm very impressed with my president and while I disagree with him sometimes, I support him 100%. If progressives had stuck with him last month instead of staying home b!tching, Dems would not be lamenting losing their seats in Congress!

Despite all of this bickering and useless complaining about what was perceived as slow change, this president has accomplished more than any other president! And for ALL the people, and not just CERTAIN people, unlike his predecessor, whose oligarchy nearly destroyed this country.

Let's not forget Mr. Obama had to deal with catastrophic economic conditions where the banks just raped the financial system. Sure, that system has been broken for a long time, but change is a gradual process. Give the man a chance! Stop complaining about his not being progressive enough and start helping change become reality.

As Ghandi said, "Be the change you want to see in the world." Obama's campaign was Yes WE Can. I am hard pressed to find much of the WE, especially when looking at how many nutballs made it into office in November. Those same wack-a-doos will be running Congress! So, if things get unraveled in January, which they will, progressives have themselves to blame for not being a unified machine for change. Bernie Sanders, in his Bernibuster or Filibernie 8 and half hour rant did more for progressive change than the entire movement!

So, instead of just hope, we need to DO something. Do not let the narrow minded, racist fools that call themselves the Grand Old, take this proverbial car over the cliff!

Now, was that clear, or should I break out a crayon and draw you guys a picture? Oh, I'm sorry, the children ate those as the average age of the homeless is now NINE!

Quantum Mechanic
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