Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Reince Priebus a.k.a. Rancid Penis and How The Dems Need To Win Elections.

Despite what Rancid Penis (Reince Priebus for you noobs) is trying to do, the gopturds will run a candidate like Ted Cruz or Rand Paul and neither of those two giant dildos would have a prayer against a democrat in a general election, whether Hilary runs or not. The country has changed and these Neocons live in a bubble where America is still lily white with little picket fences, 2 and a half kids, and Mumsy barefoot and pregnant while hubby is out corporate raiding. The reality is that there is a giant chasm between rich and poor and education has been gutted to create an underclass who are so duped by crap on Faux News and Newsmax that they really believe the rethuglican party is fighting for their interests, when the exact opposite is true. Evil is as evil does, and evil breeds like a cancer. The Democratic Party must be the cure and the only way it can be is to be fiercely united and smart. Study Lao Tsu, know your enemy, and fight hard and strong as this is war. Not necessarily civil war, as civility has left the building, folks, but it IS war nonetheless.