Saturday, June 14, 2014

School Prayer Not Cool, Player.

There's a wrong wing poll going around facebook asking people if there should be prayer in schools. 

My answer:

Moment of silence, yes, as we're not dealing with a state religion here, unlike countries in the Middle East. Otherwise, NO.  before you gasp and call me a heathen devil or some such blather, let me do some 'splainin', Loosy...

Prayer, if any, should be personal and silent, and certainly not led by anyone in a public school setting. Parochial schools and public schools are two different entities. 

This country was founded on freedom of religion...that means nobody has the right to push their agenda on anyone else in public. That includes freedom FROM a religion or religion in general.

Religion, if it is to be tolerated in a secular country such as the United States, should be a personal thing, Everyone has their own individual way of exercising their faith and interpretation of what a deity is or isn't.  To each his/her/it's own. 

Think of this as an analogy: If somebody were to take out their Johnson and shove it in your face....unless you had a taste for Johnson, you'd feel just a tad uncomfortable and react thusly, "get your Johnson out of my face. I don't swing that way...and besides, it is a bit small and wrinkly." In other words, NO SCHOOL PRAYER unless it is a moment of personal reflection in silence. 

By the way, deity or no, GOD(DESS) is love.  Love is the only "religion" that universally should be observed, and in many respects is done so, even by atheists.

Be cool, be nobody's fool, and don't dismiss the bliss.