Thursday, July 24, 2014

Reboot America...with a serious pair of boots.

We need to reboot this country somehow. 

With a serious pair of boots. 
  • We incarcerate more people than all other countries combined. 
  • We don't build any more. 
  • We throw money at a problem, like education for instance, without changing its structure, mainly in the hopes that an uneducated public can be easily led down the path to oblivion so that the 1% can have more for themselves. 
  • We've devolved as a society, desperate to sweep problems under a rug as opposed to tackling them, but are quick to try to change the direction of other countries a certain minority in power disagree with. 
  • We're quick to anger, and slow to improve. 
  • We can see it clearly when we vote for politicians whose goals are not our own, who, like schoolyard bullies, blame their victims for their indifference and/or sheer evil. 
Time to purge, time to reboot, time to set things straight. 

We can start with our own locales, and then work our way outward, especially in November, when we can purge ourselves of as many of the evil ones currently in power who are clearly dragging us into the abyss with them.


Be Cool, Be Nobody's Fool....and Don't Dismiss The Bliss.