Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Robin Williams, Depression & Poor Judgement of CBS

Not for nothing, and I once worked for CBS (The Invaders DVD), but was not too thrilled with them when they canceled The Crazy Ones, Robin Williams' arguably funny show and final TV series.

Now, with what happened yesterday, maybe, just maybe the executive who gave the show the ax, would be feeling a bit of regret at the very least, for doing what possibly led to Robin Williams' despondence and subsequent suicide.

As someone who has dealt with some horrific depression over the years, I know it just takes one thing to trigger that downward spiral. If it wasn't for friends & family (many of whom are friends I consider family), I myself would likely be circling the drain.

We should embrace love as a cure for what's wrong in the world.

Hold your loved ones close, and make sure they're okay.