Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Celebrity Phone Hacks = Affluenza Causes Butthurt

Amazing how the news media is still talking about the celebrity nude photo phone hacks more than yet another journalist losing his life to ISIL, more than the major eruption of a volcano in Iceland, more than the US building a coalition to degrade and destroy ISIL, more than any other story. 

Celebs need to shut the f*ck up, suck it up and finally, learn to 1. change their passwords, 2. stop putting photos they don't want the rest of us to see on their phones, 3. stop acting as if they are better than the rest of us. Celebs are suffering from yet another case of Affluenza, a disease caused by the blatant expansion of the ego, exacerbated by the false notion that one's shit doesn't stink. 

Affluenza Warning Sign: If you think you are God's gift to Mankind, you usually, in reality, are the opposite of such. Just ask Donald Trump. Thinking people all know he's a chump, but he still doesn't get it. Affluenza has set in.