Sunday, March 1, 2015

CBS' "Battle Creek" is a WINNER!

Battle Creek, a new show from X-Files & Breaking Bad alum Vince Gilligan was awesome in its Sunday Night, 10 PM debut on CBS. It's somewhat like True Detective if it had an occasional tryst in Brooklyn Nine Nine's Evidence Room. A smart dramedy in much the same flavor as Rescue Me but with more Odd Couple mixed in as opposed to the naughty bits. Dean Winters, formerly of Rescue Me and well known as the Mayhem from that insurance commercial, is brilliant as Russ Agnew, the veteran grizzled detective paired with an extremely dapper, somewhat anal retentive Josh Duhamel as Milt Chamberlain, an FBI outcast forced to run an office in the title town, Battle Creek, Michigan. Clearly, the writers gave a lot of thought to the characters' names as well as the smart script in the opener. I predict hitsville for this show, despite it's position on a Sunday. The great thing is that it doesn't have much competition at the 10 O'clock slot.