Friday, March 13, 2015

Sound Stock Market Advice From A Non Stock Buyer

Stock market advice from someone who could give 2 shits about the stock green.

No, not money...GREEN ENERGY.

Oil is tanking...pun intended. Fossil Fuel is going the way of the dinosaur, which is kinda funny since fossil fuel comes from what had died millions of years ago. After all, the deserts in what we call the Middle East were lush tropical forests eons ago.

So go green and buy some Disney while you're at it. The company has a solid future (barring an asteroid the size of Mt. Everest hitting us) with 11 Marvel films, 3 Star Wars films, strong ABC TV Network and, the piece de resistance...FROZEN 2 announced.

If you don't buy Disney or Green Energy, don't bitch at me...I warned ya. Buy some so I, as a poor person, can live vicariously through you.

Be Cool, Be Nobody's Fool; and Don't Dismiss the Bliss.