Sunday, May 10, 2015

The #TPP Causing Facebook "War" Among The Left

The TPP debate among democrats has revealed an alarming and very disappointing fact...that some folks who call themselves democrats are closeted republicans who drink a similar brand of Koolaid as the followers of Jim Jones did...poison. Keep in mind this undeniable fact about facebook: it is not to be taken seriously. Friendships & relationships ending over an agreement that is not set in stone, such as the TPP, for example is a sign that questions the maturity of the people involved. Think about that as you block people who you once shared 99% views with. Think about that as Reince Priebus and his ilk get a woody in their pants knowing that democrats are falling on their swords and/or stabbing each other over this one ridiculously divisive issue. My patience is already as thin as wet rice paper on this stuff...especially when some schmuck attacks me in chat about it despite the fact I am not an admin in any related group! I live by these acronyms...and I think you know what they mean: Play nice or STFU & GTFO.