Thursday, July 23, 2015

Purposeful Existence, At-Onement & "Godifying."

When we look within, that's where That Which Cannot Be Named is. It's where we tap into Universal Soul or divine creative vibration. 

Humans tend to want to classify or compartmentalize things to limit them. That Which Cannot Be Named is without limit or boundary, but is the substance of all that is. I tend to want to call it Love, but even that is limiting. The best understanding of what "it" or That Which Cannot Be Named is to not try to name it or limit it but embrace it's infinite power and tap into it 
to make things work for you. 

We really have no control except how we perceive. There is so much more to us and it's addictive to want to "Godify" things we do not understand. 

I posit that we just, as The Beatles sang about, Let "it" BE. We are humans BEING. Being this particular incarnation, a vehicle if you will, for our infinite soul, which contains our consciousness, which is part of the ONE, or the infinite ocean from which all things, including the 4 forces & the 4 forms of matter/energy (matter & energy are differing vibrations of the same, both light and dark, slow [matter] and swift [energy]. 

At the beginning of space/time, all of this was just The ONE. By recognizing the ONE or ISNESS & tapping into it, we can achieve a more enjoyable ride and help each other do the same. That's what I feel our purpose is: to share the knowledge, make the ride a comfortable one, expand our understanding, and realize our at-onement. 

Shit, I think the Lortabs just kicked in. Anyhizzle, that's my mizzle.  This whole blog post is just about meditation, or what some would call prayer. Close your eyes, shut off the mind, tap into the Infinite.