Thursday, December 17, 2009

Rant-o-Rama Whammajamma Returns!

There's just so much shit going on, it's hard to make heads or tails of it all. First and probably foremost is the sellouts going on, from the White House(!) to Congress (big surprise there).

* Health Care - SINGLE PAYER PLAN HAS DIED IN THE SENATE - there's your death panel! Somebody please send Lieberman to Siberia, dressed in a toga and flip-flops. Better yet, Antarctica, where molasses crawls uphill. He doesn't even deserve to call himself Jewish, let alone an American.

But I digress...

The way the bill has been whittled down so far, like taking out the public option and medicare expansion, etc., etc., etc., did I say etc.? What's the point of even bothering with reform at all? They are not reforming anything, just making it even worse than we had before and making the insurance company "fat cats" even more obese! Where in the f*ck is the change we voted for? The only change we have is about 39 cents in my pocket, and the Senate will probably take THAT, too!

The ONLY senator that hasn't sold out to big Pharma and the insurance conglomerates is Bernie Sanders. But he's only one guy! The rest are either smoking some really bad weed laced with arsenic and/or in the pocket of the big corporations. The republicans are just laughing all the way to the bank in more ways than one. Speaking of banks...

* Banking - business as usual. Same shit, different day. They took the TARP money and still held on to their purses tighter than Wayne Newton's face. They still paid their execs some major cha-ching, and most paid back their TARP money so they would not have to answer to any government control over compensation to their whores---er---executives.

Did they give out any small business loans? Nope. Mortgage help for millions of strapped underemployed and unemployed American workers? Nope. Elimination of exorbitant fees? Nope. Doing anything different than before the collapse? Noooope.

As I have said many times, these big banks should have been nationalized and re-converted to credit unions or at least broken up. They did it with Ma Bell back in the day, so they certainly could have done it with these bastards. Banking has become criminal on a grand scale, with the victims primarily people who work for a living and the "fat cats" that Obama was referring to in an interview with 60 minutes didn't get much of any "chiding." I am sorry to admit that it seems the current administration has caved, harder than Fred Flintstone, to big business...again, and tried rather feebly to appear that they have not. That hope for change has officially gone out the window like a tween caught for sexting. This is not to say I have given up on our current president as I do think he's making an effort. It's just not good enough of an effort, especially after the epic fail of health care reform and the epic fail of controlling the banking industry. Oh, and Bernanke person of the year? Give me a f*ckin' break. All he did was give in to the moneychangers. Remember what Jesus did to those guys? He tipped over their tables. Maybe that's what should have been done with these guys. Bailout, shmailout. It just cost us more to get reemed up the ass, plain and simple. Typical capitalism - out of control and like Bernie Madoff, the rich run off with our money as we get left holding the bag...a tea bag. While I'm at it, teabaggers can kiss my left cheek. Bunch of dill weeds.

Granted the first year of trying to pick up the pieces of the disaster the Bush Oligarchy left the American public was an uphill battle of epic proportions, but to cave to big business is just wrong, plain and simple. I realize when you are a leader in a democracy or I should say a sad imitation of a democracy, a lot of ass kissing has to be done, but Cheezits H. Crispness, there's one hell of a pucker party going on up in here.

* The Tiger Woods Saga. Good Gourd All Friday™, I am sick of hearing this shit. Enough, already! Now, it seems the sports industry is chasing Elin Nordegren for endorsements as she has packed up, taken off the wedding ring, and is moving on. All I know is that after being publicly embarrassed by his antics, the ex-Mrs. Woods should indeed get half of his fortune AND the kids. He should probably just leave the country for about a month or so and then people will forget just like they did about Eliot Spitzer. Hell, I saw Spitzer on Bill Mahar a couple of months ago and it was like he never did anything wrong. People forget shit after a few weeks as they are inundated with information and their attention span, by and large, is as short as Ryan Seacrest. Ol' Player-player Tiger probably should get some rehab soon. I would not be surprised if he and Jon Gosselin would end up doing a reality show together called "Diddly Dads" or something. Why? Because stranger things have happened on the tube, that's why.

* A video of a little boy who was kidnapped by his alleged father shows authorities just letting the guy make off with him despite the boy's pleas for help. WTF?! Um, don't children have ANY rights at all? Doesn't the other parent have any rights? What the f*ck is wrong with the authorities that they could let this happen without even consulting the other parent? Now, both the asswipe father and his son are nowhere to be found. Who knows if the child is even still alive? It's unthinkable. Ah, the epic stupidity of people in this country. It's like devolution has reached epidemic levels. H1N1? Hell, that's just a drop in the bucket. We have a pandemic of dumb going on and it's gonna be the death of us all.

* Iran decides to test a missile. Saber rattling again to let Israel know that they intend to kick the Jews off the face of the planet...again. I say we ought to "accidentally" drop a nuke on Ah-been-a-Jihad's palace, with him in it of course. OOPS! As Jon Stewart would say, "OH NO YOU DI'INT!"

* Investigators said Wednesday that they believe foul play was involved in the disappearance of a Utah mother of two as they grew increasingly suspicious of her husband after he demonstrated an "unusual lack of cooperation" in the case.
Susan Powell, 28, was reported missing Dec. 7. Her husband, Josh Powell, has not been named a suspect but authorities are highly interested in him, said West Valley City Asst. Police Chief Craig Black.

I saw this idiot Josh Powell being interviewed by a reporter on CNN and he made up this lame story about taking his kids out for a camping trip at midnight (!) because he thought it was Sunday. Ooooookay. Yeah, he killed her.

* You remember that incident recently where two pilots got booted for not paying attention to their flight plan for over an hour while they were pornsurfing on their laptops instead of frickin' driving the damn plane? Well, it was a flight attendant who outted them. The pilots claim they were distracted by trying to learn some kind of a scheduling program that was required learning. For 77 minutes?! Yeah, it was all those pics of Megan Fox in various stages of nakedness that was on their schedule.

* Now to entertainment. James Cameron rocks, but spending $400 million on a picture is obscene. Hell, he will have to make 800 million just to break even! As to how that will happen in a world economy that's still in the toilet (or the dunny if you happen to be from down under), it beats the shit out of me. James, James, James - were the frickin' 3d cameras made out of solid gold?! If he can raise that kind of cha-ching for a picture, maybe I ought to look at him as a director for Solamaine, which will be a lot cheaper, even though she can basically wipe out an entire planet with just a stare.

* Chris Brown quits twitter like he's like, Miley, like, okay? He was pissed that his album didn't do well in the market. Hey, you reap what you sew, homey g. People voted with their pocketbook on this one. It's not like he's hurtin' for cash. If people can spend money on death metal and gangsta rap, I am sure they will pick up some r and b from a bitchslapper. Stranger things have happened. He's such a punk, though, to make a big deal out of it. Both he and Kanye West ought to do a duet, "Whine, Women and Shlong".

And that's all the hubbub....bub.

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