Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Apocalypso - Weird-Ass Wednesday Low Hang Lohan Edition!


First of all, DO NOT send me any event invitations, spam comments or emails - they will be deleted, so you would be wasting not only your time, which I assume has value to you, but mine, which is even more valuable.  I realize Myspace® is mainly a place to huckster your music or whatever, but if you must do it, there's the bulletin or status window.  Leave my email and comment block out of it.  Once in a great while I let a comment through for whatever reason.  I might be in a good mood, which is rare, or there might be a personal message just to me, which is even more rare. 

Out of nearly 5,000 "friends," I hear from less than a dozen on a "friendly" basis.  Social networking?  It's more like anti-social networking, if you ask me.  If I were to die tomorrow, it would be months or even years before 99.9999% of my so-called network would even notice. 

Trust me, people, the folks in the animated movie, Wall-E, who spend all their time glued to the screen and no time talking to one another, are US today, let alone 700 years in the future.


I thought I could get through another week without ranting about something in the news, but so much crap has hit the fan, it just wouldn't be right to let it go by without a bitch-slap, even if only by blog.  Granted life is just experience to obtain an education of the physical and we shouldn't take it so seriously, but I suppose I'm still stuck in that self-important menagerie of actually giving a damn about the outside world from time to time.


I could complain a little about the hot weather, but when I think about all the animals suffocating along the Gulf Coast because of our collective greed, I really have no business bitching about how the heat is making me dizzy.  In fact, I have to take responsibility for all the bullshit in the world.  We all have to.

We just HAD to have our 3 cars including humongous SUVs to get us from point A to point B instead of either taking a bus or saying, "fuck it, I'm just going to walk."

We just HAD to spend a dollar to save a quarter, which explains why we're not driving around in more electrics and hybrids.

We just HAD to keep funneling money to the energy companies instead of taking out a loan to put Solar on our roofs, even though the IRS gives tax breaks for that.

We just HAD to keep buying cigarettes at $5 a pack instead of feeding the baby.

We just HAD to buy a lottery ticket like we do every day instead of using that money toward paying bills.

Do I have to go on?

We probably ought to get our fucking act together, hmmmm?  I'm the first to admit, I'm just as much a prick as anybody else...I just notice my prickishness more.  And, no, I don't give a shit that prickishness is not a word.  Do I LOOK like I do?  Because if I do, somebody needs to break out the dark glasses and start reading braille, 'cause your eyes are fucked. 


I thought it was way over the top the way the news media paid so much attention to the Tiger Woods scandal, but here they are going nuts over people like Lindsay Lohan and Lebron James as if they are religious icons.  Mothers Teresa, they are not.  Motherfuckers, maybe.

Lindsay Lohan getting 90 days in the Hoosegow is nothing considering her last stint, all of 84 minutes behind bars, did not seem to have any effect on her behavior.  If anything, lenience just made her all that more arrogant, thinking doing time was just for losers like her fans.  Ya know, Lindsay, coming in to court with elaborate nail jobs including "fuck you" written on the nail of the middle finger on each hand isn't exactly the best way to convince a judge to take pity on your ass. 

What she should have done, in a perfect world, is stand up and say, "yes, judge, I deserve that sentence because of my attitude and my behavior, thank you for your generosity in passing this sentence."  Of course, this isn't a perfect world and she is the typical celeb who thinks 1. that her shit don't stink and 2. she is above the law.  Her upcoming role of playing Linda Lovelace certainly should come as no surprise to thinking folks around the world.  Do I have to say it?  She SUCKS...and in more ways than one, apparently.

Lebron James does know how to bounce a basketball, apparently, but for the news media to give him an hour to announce what team he has chosen to link up with is ridiculous...emphasis on the "DIC." 

Fuck these so-called celebs.  They are no better than any of us.  They just happen to have access to the money.  To celebs and wannabe celebs who think they are special, have a big glass of KISS MY ASS!


The alleged female running against Harry Reid in the Nevada senatorial election compares herself, in interviews, to Abraham Lincoln.  First of all, no Republican alive could ever, even piling all of them together, hope to be as forthright and decent as Abraham Lincoln.  By today's standards, Ronald Reagan would be considered a communist by these Neo-McCarthyist Pee Farty self-centered pustules.  Pee Farty is my nomenclature for Tea Party, by the way, in case you had not read my previous rants.

But I digress...

The idiot in question is the mind-numbed Sharron Angle, running on the Pee Farty ticket against democrat Harry Reid in Nevada.  Lord help us all if for some odd reason this person were to win that election.  Why?  Her stand on the issues is so horrendous, she has to sue the media to prevent them from calling attention to it.  Some of her asinine beliefs, as outlined in a Huffington Post article, include abolishing Social Security and Medicare, to deregulate the oil industry, pushing for Scientology based saunas and massages in Nevada prisons, thinks it's wrong for both parents to hold jobs simultaneously, says that abortion causes breast cancer, is a proponent of modern-day prohibition, embraces the ultra right-wing Oath Keepers, who advocate the overthrow of the government, is for the abolition of the Education Dept., Dept. of Energy and the IRS code. 

The only thing I might, after two consecutive lobotomies, agree somewhat with is both parents working simultaneously so that children are taken care of by baby  In today's fucked up economy, however, just to pay your mortgage, you pretty much have to have both parents working.  After all, we have to maintain those CEO salaries (300 times the average worker, by the way) and keep the big banks going so they can continue to rape us.

The rest of Angle's bullshit is just plain sick.  I am making somewhat of a big deal out of this particular race because it's involving Harry Reid, a key player in the progressive movement and of course the Senate Majority leader.  What gets me wondering is how people have become so polarized since Obama became president.  Sure, we know most whites are prejudiced in some way, but jeez.  It's as if his presidency has opened the door for extremists to gain a foothold on American politics.

So if you think we got rid of the Nazis in World War II, think again!  Angle is just the tip of the iceberg.  Other Republicans with the same or worse views and/or intentions are winning primaries and races all over the map.  Remember the Ronald Reagan Republicans?  I think Arnold Schwarzenegger is probably the only Republican with any sanity left...and that's not saying too much about the rest of the Goppers.

It will be a cold, cold day in Death Valley before I decide to move permanently to Blue Diamond if Angle wins this Senate seat.  If voters are that nuts in Nevada, I'm thinking all those atomic bomb tests must have screwed up the collective DNA in that state.  This story of course, and you knew this was coming, leads to my assessment of what happened with the vote on canceling unemployment benefits for hundreds of thousands of Americans unable to find work...


Having voted down the unemployment benefits extension claiming it was doing catastrophic damage to the deficit is just another way of diverting more cash into their own personal coffers.  I say to unemployed workers now having to lose their homes and rob banks to feed their children, REMEMBER THIS in November. 

Even if I had two consecutive lobotomies and ingested a vat full of Valium®, I still would hang myself before I would ever consider the idea of becoming a Republican.  I've been a Socialist most of my life and I will die a Socialist.  As a Socialist, I might add, this nation is nowhere near to anything resembling socialism, unlike what pund-idiots like Glenn Beck and Rush Limbaugh would have you believe.  While tenuous, we are still a democracy.  Glenn Beck, by the way, claims we are not a democracy, but a republic.  Yeah, republic this, Beck, you Jackmormon asshole.  The sad fact is that you don't get anywhere in politics unless you have lots of money.

Guess Rush and Glenn will shit their pants if I divert some of that movie money I have been promised into a progressive political movement.

And with that, I bid you adieu...for now.

Keep it in your pants while you dance, homies G.

Quantum Mechanic®