Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Shirley Sherrod: "Take This Job And Shove It!"

The administration, in their fear of Glenn Beck (did I somehow wake up in another universe where idiots now rule the airwaves?) decided to pull the plug on Shirley Sherrod, a USDA official without checking the facts of what she really said and going along with propagandists as opposed to reality. This action was shameful, and certainly embarrassing for the administration.

For those of you who were living under a rock, Ms. Sherrod was fired because of some carefully edited statements she made at a conference which were altered to make it appear she was being racist. The video, which was promoted by the right wing media, does the same thing as that notorious ACORN video did, ruin something to further a cause. Ms. Sherrod, I might add, is black and idiots like Glenn Beck are accusing the Obama Administration and the president himself of favoring blacks over whites.

Chalk one up for the 'Repubelickans' again. Oh and by the way, the Tea Party IS racist, plain and simple. Where were they before a black president came into power? Where were they when Clinton was in office? Where were they when Bush bailed out the big banks at the end of his term?

It's like anything else in this society, you can do all kinds of good, but that one bad thing will sink your ass faster than a ton of lead tied to your leg in the middle of the Gulf Oil Spill.


The president should publicly apologize to Ms. Sherrod and fire the asswipe who fired her. This debacle hopefully will serve as a hard lesson not to trust the media for all your facts.

This event shows that the administration is so worried about Fox News and their reputation with white voters, that they would actually fire somebody without even checking with that person first. Not very swift. Did anybody in the White House pay attention to the phrase "look before you leap?" I think not.

Ever since B-Rock Obeezy became commander in chief, all hell has broken loose in race relations in this country, most importantly that the true colors, so to speak, of those who do not want someone of color to win, are so apparent that people in power are not thinking very clearly, from the NAACP to the Pee Farty [Tea Party]. Fear should not rule anyone in a leadership position.

And why is Glenn Beck such a big deal to the White House? If anyone takes that dill weed hypocrite windbag seriously, they are 1. drunk, 2. catatonic, 3. taking the wrong medication, 4. have a diseased mind, or 5. all of the above.

If you as a leader believe you are doing the right thing for the American People, who gives a rat's ass what anybody thinks? The Right Wing are just waiting for the chance to win back their control over the government so they can continue to line their pockets and keep the working people down and out, so they can band-aid the economy and let someone else pay for it...again. The rich get richer, the poor get poorer. If the Grand Oiled Pustules had their way, which they probably will come November, we'd go back to life as it was in the 1950's. "Let them eat cake" indeed.

If I were Shirley Sherrod, I'd just say to the USDA Czar: "Take this job and shove it."

Peace and peas, y'all...