Monday, July 26, 2010

Gooooood mornin', Afghan-nam!!

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I had a reasonably quiet weekend...just a couple of tornadoes, flood warnings and shit like that, nothing to get all nervous about.

Then I turn on the news this morning, which was a mistake, and all hell has broken loose over some supposedly classified info being released on wikileaks.  First of all, if it's on the internet, you really can't take whatever is said to the bank, unless you are some asshole named Andrew  Apparently that schmuck seems to have control over the White House for some reason.  They seem to fear him and take whatever he says as gospel, even to the point of firing someone based solely on his delusions.  And here I thought Glenn Beck had taken over the world.  Somebody needs to change their dealer as some weird shit is being smoked by all involved.

But I digress...

As Strother Martin aptly put it in the legendary film, Cool Hand Luke, "what we got here is a FAILURE to communicate."

We apparently live in a world where the internet and the bloggers therein seem to control what leaders do these days.  Some allegedly classified shit gets published on wikileaks and then the New York Times puts out an article and all of a sudden it's the Pentagon Papers all over again.

First of all, are you fucking kidding me?  Do you really think that the intelligence community is that stupid that they are going to let sensitive shit get put on a website?  Granted, the Intelligence Community seems to have become too big for its britches by hiring outside of itself and giving top secret clearances to people who shouldn't even have clearances to the bathroom, but still, it seems just a little ridiculous to me.

Everybody and his dog's brother's cousin knew that Pakistan was helping the Taliban. Everybody knows that contractors make gazillions of our tax dollars in both Iraq and  Wikileaks isn't exactly blowing that big of a whistle.  People just haven't been paying attention until the story broke it all in one lump sum today. 

Afghanifuckinistan is a lost cause.  Here we are, continuing the Bush doctrine of going into a country, claiming that we're going after "enemies," when it's really about natural resources, like oil for instance, and how certain corporations can gain some secret stashes of said resources, all while stealing our tax money and breaking the middle class down to such a degree that they no longer can stand up on their feet, let alone fight in an election.

After seeing some footage Rachel Maddow came back with on where our tax dollars have been going in that shitty ass dustbowl of a country, it just solidifies the fact that we are throwing away American lives and all our money on a corrupt Afghan government and just pissing off the natives to the point where they feel more comfortable with the Taliban.  That sure as shit doesn't say much for the Afghan government or us as its supporters, does it? 

How many despots do we have to prop up before somebody in government says, "enough!"  How many American soldiers must die in order to put more caviar on the gold laden tables of the Halliburton moneychangers?  We spend 7 billion bucks a month on this godawful war and what do we have to show for it?

Well, let me count the ways.  The average age of the homeless in our country is 9.  Nine, I said.  Children going hungry in our own country.  Yet we have spent 1 trillion dollars in a decade long war that has accomplished DICK.  We might have done better by just throwing that money on a big pile, lighting it and warming ourselves come winter time.

You are not going to like my Afghanistan exit strategy, but here it is.  1.  Kick Karzai and his posse out.  2.  Tell Pakistan to either put up or shut up and by the way, stop playing both sides, 3. Surge and then purge, scorched earth if necessary (I'd just nuke 'em, but then that's me), and 4.  Get our soldiers back home.

Needless to say, but I'm just a little sick of corporations running these wars and now taking hold of our intelligence community.  We've seen the travesty that is privatization...from the Gulf Oil Spill to Blackwater to you name it, they'll fuck it up.  We need, as a nation, to sweep our own doorstep for a change.  It's like anything else in life, if you don't have your own shit together, how the hell is anyone or anything else going to get fixed?!

Anyway, I've ranted long enough.  I hope, though I don't have much faith left, that we can start rebuilding our society and our nation instead of spending money we don't have trying to screw around with some other society that wants us to mind our own business.

Peace, love and rockets...

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