Sunday, May 8, 2011

Lt. General (retired?) Berates The President on Bid Laden Op.

Waiting for dinner yesterday, I was surfing channels and accidentally ran across a Military Officer Berating The President for the Bin Laden operation on Huckabee on, gasp, Fox News, a channel I make it a point not to watch unless it's Shepard Smith's report.

So Schmuckabee had this Lt. General on his show Saturday night berating the President for having too much control in going after and killing Bin Laden. Oh really, asshole? I hope he pulled the f*cking trigger!

Yes the trigger, which he did indirectly when he approved the operation several months ago. He's the commander in chief and for a military operation, he can do any goddamned thing he wants, including dropping a tactical nuke down Khaddafy's pants, you f*cking traitor!

Also, either Fox News conveniently forgot to put "retired" under this Lt. General's name in the Chyron, or the guy is committing treason for being in the military and berating a superior officer, which the president is.

Another reason never ever to watch Fox News unless it's Shepard Smith, who ONLY REPORTS THE F*CKING NEWS and not slams my president!

Oh, and if you're offended by my defending my president, F*CK YOU! We're supposed to support our president, especially when he killed a f*cking mass murderer. But because the guy is BLACK and likes to help the helpless, THE MIDDLE CLASS for example, everybody manages to condemn him until they get their check in the mail.

I stand by him and hope he caps more punks threatening my country, and if that's too much for you, well, my Mom had a saying, "There's the door, don't let it hit your ass on the way out." And yes, I am in a GOOD MOOD today.