Thursday, August 22, 2013

I'd Say that "RED LINE" Has Been Crossed, Stomped and Shat On.

Funny, when the douche nuggets in the dubiously named "Intelligence Community" want somebody bad enough, they will find his ass and blow it off the face of the earth. Why, then, haven't those geniuses taken out Bashar Al-ASSad? I don't need a fucking chemistry degree to tell that they've used chemical weapons on their people. Nothing against POTUS, but I'd say that "red line" has been crossed, stomped on and shat on. Now I know it's not the United States' job to be the planet's beat cop, but again, what is the limit for atrocity these days? 

And if we're just going to ignore shit, why not ignore our ass out of Afghanistan, Egypt and everywhere else our nose is stuck because some rich shitbag has to drive a giant SUV down 2 blocks to get a latte? Maybe we should close all our embassies in that region and say, f#ck it, no? All I know is that our lust for fossil fuels has to stop somewhere. That's an oily red line I think we crossed a century ago.