Saturday, September 21, 2013

Republicans, "religion" and Oblivion (not the Tom Cruise film)

Republicans lie about being religious. If they truly embraced their purported "God," they would do for the poor instead of doing exactly the opposite of what Christ taught. Christ embraced "the least among us," and hung out with them as well. Republicans like Michelle Bachmann worship money and only money. They are completely overtaken by greed, avarice, entitlement, sloth, and just general evil--which is the negating and predation of those least able to defend themselves; the working poor, disabled, elderly, even homeless veterans. To take money from these people is easy for republicans as they know the "least among us" have no voice. 

It's up to the intelligentsia and people with empathy and decency to do everything in our power to destroy their influence and stranglehold over our government. Republicans of today are nothing like they were even in Eisenhower's time. Since Reagan, they have embraced greed and evil. Time for them to go the way of the Whigs...into oblivion.