Monday, September 16, 2013

The Honeymoon Between TV and the Internet Continues

Well, it looks like Sleepy Hollow premieres tonight on Fox. I say that because going to imdb you can't miss the ad graphics.  If I had the green light to reboot The Invaders, I'd promote it on there, Hulu Netflix and anywhere else people gravitate toward TV.

TV and the Internet are moving closer and closer.  In the near future, it would not surprise me that a lot of shows that you only see on Netflix (House Of Cards, Orange Is The New Black, etc.) will also be appearing on other Internet derived platforms.

As it is, if you have some good lighting and entertainment value, there's always U-Stream and let's not forget Youtube. That platform pretty much allowed the Internet and TV to marry in a big way.

A friend of mine, Gary Troy, back in the 90s, had this vision and had developed some great ideas to stream movies and TV to the Internet.  Back then, I remember we talked about the day when TV and computers would be united as one technology and here we have Smart TVs and DVD Players with PC tech and wi-fi.

It won't be long and we'll be watching TV and doing computing with Google glasses...and smashing into trees with our smart cars.  George Jetson, you started something.