Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Me Vs. Sad Orange Man (John Boehner)

"Tell the truth, Mr. Sad Orange Man, there are more than enough Republicans willing to pass a CLEAN CR, which essentially guts the budget for the gov't and continues your party's unjust sequester cuts, but the American People you keep referring to, are willing to accept a shiv as opposed to a sledgehammer in order to have their government reopen unencumbered. End this treachery now, by bringing the Clean CR bill to the floor for a vote as we both know at least 25 republicans would support it, and with the democratic support, the bill WILL PASS. Now, grow a pair, have some courage, tell the tea party wing of your party they can not re-decide the 2012 election. Your party lost, the ACA is LAW, time to get on the right side of history and do the right thing. Be for country instead of party for a change. DO IT NOW. Maybe, just maybe, more than 30% of the public might actually approve of your actions. Don't do anything, and you will bring down the wrath of over 300 million pissed off Americans on you and your loser party."