Friday, October 11, 2013

More Popular Than The Tea Party

I wanted to express and share with you my tweets regarding the so beloved tea party..

*MorePopularThanTheTeaParty: having loose bowel movement and being totally out of Imodium AD.

*MorePopularThanTheTeaParty: explosive diarrhea.

*MorePopularThanTheTeaParty: Plan 9 From Outer Space on repeat.

*MorePopularThanTheTeaParty: being eaten by a Zombie while still alive.

*MorePopularThanTheTeaParty: dying, then being revived, then dying again.

*MorePopularThanTheTeaParty: cancer.

*MorePopularThanTheTeaParty: is having necrotizing fasciitis in it's last stages when even a train car of Morphine would not lessen the pain.