Sunday, October 13, 2013

The True Jesus

Jesus is about love and is love incarnate. He doesn't care if you're Jew, Muslim, Christian, Catholic, Agnostic, Gnostic or just nasty; He loves you all the same in all 3 forms: God consciousness, Christ consciousness, Divine Creative Vibration. Religion is just a thing that those in power perpetrate on the populace. God is ultimate ethereal energy, the Subtle and Eternal Voice, the incarnation of Love. Such vastness cannot be contained or compartmentalized by the limiting concept of religion. But it can be shared, which is the fabric of what we truly are, Souls using a temporal temple to get around in an 11 dimensional universe. And those Souls are tiny whirlpools of individuality in the vast ocean of Love that is God.

Be cool, be nobody's fool and don't dismiss the bliss.

Quantum Mechanic