Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Foolproof Anti-Abortion Methodology

Final, unwavering comments about the abortion issue:

If you truly want to stop it, 1. Tell men to keep it in their pants, 2. Flush the Viagra, 3. Use condoms.

We have way, way, way, way, way. way...did I say way.........WAY too many humans on this planet. Logic says we are morons if we collectively think that we're going to stop men from impregnating women since the advent of Viagra, Cialis, and other ridiculously unnecessary medications, so it is logical to remedy the tragedy of a woman forced to make a decision that upsets so many people, by doing exactly what I prescribe.

If those 3 methods do not seem to work, then it's only fair to remove the problem---a swift kick in the nards with approximately 500 foot pounds of force. I'd find it an honor and a joy to help implement this final and very effective anti-abortion method.


I didn't curse. I didn't intentionally offend. I just made my feelings crystal clear, based on pure logic.

Have a happy!

Quantum Mechanic