Sunday, January 26, 2014

War On The Rich?

Some folks say I only wanted to make films to get rich. At one time, about 20 years ago when I began screenwriting, I did have dreams of grandeur. But that was 20 years ago. I have learned over the years, especially after nearly dying in 2002 from pursuing a movie deal that eventually brought me into homelessness that pursuing the evil that is wealth is an exercise not only in futility, but an affront to the arts. Creating isn't about that at all, it's about translating a gift of expression for the benefit of others. Now that I'm at the twilight of my life I can't imagine why people walk all over each other in the pursuit of something so fleeting as wealth. When I see that 85 people control the same wealth as half the planet's population, I realize that evil has just about taken over what's left of civilization. The pursuit of riches removes our civility and creates a slave state that will crumble under its own weight, its own hubris, its own avarice. Hubris, Avarice, Tyranny, Evil. What do those words spell? HATE. No thanks. I'd rather be poor and dying then rich and exploiting my fellow beings.