Monday, February 3, 2014

Guys, Tips For a Drama Free V-Day!!

Guys, you have NO days to get your shit together for V-Day.  Find a fork, sit on it, as you are done. 

V-Day is now upon you.

No, not V for Victory.

No, not V for Vagisil you forgot to stop by the Walgreens to get like she asked you a week ago.

Valentine's Day. 

That means you aren't going to get away with buying a box of chocolates with a dubious expiration date and a dubiously written Valentine Card from that same drug store at midnight on the 13th.

Use the time you have left to prepare to do something special...

  • like do all the chores she normally does, 
  • bring her fresh flowers-- red roses (real ones) from the florist (and not perennials from your neighbor's garden or in the case of living on the east coast, greenhouse), 
  • wait on her hand and foot, 
  • draw her a bath, 
  • make her feel like she's a queen and you're just a lowly subject, 
  • remind her why you hooked up with her in the first place, 
  • take her out for dinner, 
  • expect nothing from her, expect only to give of your time, listen more, talk less. 
Valentine's Day is supposed to be a renewal of love. Take it from somebody whose only experience of love is from the movies. I know some stuff as I pay attention to details.